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New Media Majors Display Talent, Creativity on Cochran Campus

Rebecca Edwards, far left on the third row, and some of her upper-division New Media and Communications majors based on MGA’s Cochran Campus.

Nikea Conyers of Decatur planned to study theater when she moved to Cochran a few years ago to enroll at Middle Georgia State University.

At the time, MGA still offered an associate’s degree in that field. When the University discontinued it, Conyers got ready to transfer to another school. Then she learned about MGA’s bachelor’s degree program in New Media and Communications.

“At first I thought it was a major that just focused on writing, but I found out about courses in visual storytelling, film production and other things,” Conyers said. “Once I started taking those classes I knew what kind of career I wanted to get into.”

Today, about 40 students based on the Cochran Campus are majoring in New Media and Communications. They take many of their upper-division courses from and are mentored by faculty member Rebecca Edwards, who brings real-world film and TV industry experience to the classroom.

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