New Process for Transportation / Vehicle Requests

As we continue to strive to think and act more like a university, we are now upgrading our process for transportation/vehicle requests.

Starting July 1st, 2018, vehicle trip requests will be processed through an online system. This will allow the request and fulfillment process to become more streamlined and will reduce the amount of physical paperwork needed to complete a request. For all cars, vans or buses requested after 7/1/2018, please visit the Faculty & Staff page and click on “Request a Vehicle” under “Service Requests”. From this site, you can also view a calendar of vehicle availability, and access a quote calculator to estimate expenses for your trip. Trip expenses will be based on the type of vehicle requested (i.e. car, van, bus), current fuel prices and the total number of miles driven.

Currently, most departments are not charged for the usage of the fleet and all of the expense is absorbed by our Facilities’ departments.  As of 07/01/18, the trips will now be charged to your home department and a corresponding rental revenue journal will be made in the transportation fund.  You can think of this similar to a separate savings account.   The funds in the transportation department will only be used to service or purchase MGA vehicles or pay for drivers as needed.  See an example of cost for an MGA vehicle vs. personal car below:


If we were going to the Georgia State Capitol, 206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334, it would be less expensive to take an MGA fleet car than use your own car and claim mileage at the Tier 1 rate of $0.545/mile. This example trip has a roundtrip mileage of 162 miles. The cost would be calculated as follows:

  • Self-Drive: $0.545*162miles= $88.29
  • MGA Fleet Vehicle: $0.484*162miles= $78.41 (12.6% discounted rate AND the revenue goes back to replacing and improving the MGA fleet)

If you want a breakdown of the $0.484/mile, here you go:

Of the $0.484, the cost is broken down by:

  • $0.134/mile for fuel:
    • Based on a mile per gallon estimate for the car as 20MPG (varies based on vehicle used)
    • Based on $2.68/gallon as the state average fuel rate for today (varies based on daily rate)
  • $0.35/mile for operational cost:
    • Maintenance Cost= $0.12/mile, based on $1200 maintenance cost per year and a lifespan of 120,000-mile vehicle lifespan (varies by vehicle specs)
    • Replacement Cost= $0.21/mile, based on an average replacement cost of $25,000 and 120,000-mile vehicle lifespan (varies by estimated vehicle replacement cost)
    • Variability: $0.02/mile for maintenance and replacement cost variability

Click here to view the trip calculator, which can easily estimate expenses for any trip.

For questions related to this new process, please contact Ryan Greene at