New Staff and Faculty for January 2018

MGA would like to welcome the following new and rehired members of our staff and faculty who’ve joined us since 

January 1st–we’re glad to have you on board!

New Hires

Rex Andrews, Aviation, Eastman

Lonnie Slade, Aviation, Eastman

Nathan Brothers, Flight, MDA

Odmutt Sharma, Flight, MDA

Robert McAllister, Financial Aid, Cochran

Patrick Rule, Marketing, Macon

Robin Douglas, Police Department, Cochran

Dr. Jonathan Anderson, Office of the Provost, Macon

Leeanne Berry, Library, Cochran

Terry Kendrick, Athletics, Cochran

Keiana Robbins, Police Department, Cochran

Angela Adams, Dept. of Nursing, Dublin

Dawn Fuller, Dept. of Nursing, Macon

Rebekah Hazlett-Knudsen, Assistant Professor Dept. of Psychology, Macon

Shelly Hopko, Dept. of Nursing, Macon

Sarah Roach, Bursar, Macon

Amit Saxena, Department of Natural Sciences, Cochran

Welcome to MGA!


We’d also like to congratulate the following retiree leaving us this month and offer her best wishes for the future!


Sandra Lynn Allen, Campus Affairs, Dublin

Sabrina Balkcom, Financial Aid, Macon

Pamela Bedwell, Office of Provost, Macon

Patricia Borck, Library, Macon

Catherine Frost, Mathematics. Macon

Letitia Langley, Student Affairs, Macon