New staff and faculty for March 2017

MGA would like to welcome all of the following new members of our staff and faculty who’ve joined us since March 1 – we’re glad to have you on board!

  • Kanisha Anderson, Financial Aid
  • Brooks Jones, Police Department
  • Tara Lowe, Enrollment Call Center
  • Kelly Griendling, COIA

A big welcome back to a rehired retiree. Glad to have you back, Shirley!

  • Shirley Stiver, General Administrative

We’d also like to congratulate the following who have taken on a new position at MGA. We wish you much success as you transition into your new areas!

  • Boone Brantley, Fixed Wing
  • Erica Lawson, Enrollment

In addition, please note anyone who may have experienced a name change at MGA for your records.

  • Previous Name- Celeste McCormick                  New Name- Celeste Clay