New Website Launch – August 28th

See below for what to do if you discover an error on the site.


We are pleased to report that – as most of you already know – the new website is live and public!

First, an enormous thank you to all the members of the campus community who have come together to make this new site a reality, especially our colleagues in the Office of Technology Resources.

If you’ve ever been around during the transition to a new website, you know that these transitions are seldom, if ever, seamless and issue-free.  With something as large and with as many moving pieces as a new website, it’s never as simple as just throwing a switch – files fail to migrate from one server to another, links that worked perfectly in the beta test suddenly vanish, and missing content that wasn’t missed during testing is discovered when the site goes live.  We know that in the coming weeks, issues like these and others will likely be uncovered.

If you discover erroneous or missing content in the next week, please follow the below steps:

Essential edits should be sent to  Essential edits include correcting errors that:

  • Have a direct impact on enrollment by hindering students from applying, registering, or paying for classes.
  • Present outdated or otherwise inaccurate information about academic programs, policies, etc.
  • Have a compliance impact – errors that could create legal or policy problems for the University.

In your email, please make sure to include:

  • The URL of the page containing the error,
  • The erroneous information, and
  • The correct information to replace it.

Non-essential edits should be collected into an email or document and sent to after Monday, September 4.

Please note that content in the MGA Academic Catalog is not maintained by OTR.  The Academic Catalog, which is vetted and approved by stakeholders across campus once per year, is maintained via the SmartCatalog system.  Questions about catalog content should be directed to

Also, please remember to update your bookmarks or your default home page – the easiest way to get to the links that you use most as an MGA employee is to bookmark – from this page, you’ll be able to get to the most frequently-used pages with a single click.

 For more information about the new website, please visit

Thank you for your patience as we work through the first week with the new site.