Notice of Intent to Apply for Tenure and/or Promotion

MGA Colleagues,


As indicated in the MGA Faculty Handbook, faculty seeking either promotion, tenure, or both must provide notice of this intent no later than the second Friday in April (April 8).  Notice of intent must be sent via email to Provost Cantwell, the Dean of your unit, the Chair of your unit (if there is one), and to me, as Chair of the Promotion, Tenure, and Post-Tenure Review Committee.  For example, a faculty member seeking tenure in the Department of Natural Sciences would direct an email to:  Dr. Dawn Sherry (Chair), Dr. Ron Williams (Dean), Dr. Kevin Cantwell (Provost), and me (Chair of PTPTR).  Please note that “intent to apply is no guarantee of eligibility – rather, it initiates the question of eligibility.” There is no set format for the email, but please be sure to indicate whether your intent is for tenure, promotion, or both. If your intent is for promotion, please indicate the rank that you are applying for (i.e., promotion to Associate).


Please refer to Section 4.06 (Criteria for Promotion) and 4.07 (Tenure and Criteria for Tenure) from the MGA Faculty Handbook for an overview of the process, and for questions of eligibility and time-in-rank.  If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.


Kind regards,



Barry J. Monk, Ph.D.
PTPTR 2015-16 Committee Chair
Chair of the Department of Mathematics

Professor of Mathematics