Officers Grow Beards for Foundation Giving

Middle Georgia State University Police Officers will soon participate in “No Shave November”. The goal of “No-Shave November” is to grow awareness of exciting MGA Foundation programs. MGA PD encourages participants to donate the money that would usually be spent on shaving for a month to educate the public about Foundation sponsored scholarships, programs, projects and community initiatives. More information can be found at www.mga.edu/givetogreatness

In support of this effort, participating officers will be donating money through the 2016 Middle Georgia State University Foundation Faculty and Staff Campaign. In return, the Chief of Police will waive the department’s policy regarding shaving for the month of November. Since Police Officers are always in contact with the public, MGA Police hope to spread awareness of the fundraiser and the needs of the MGA Foundation just by being visible in public with their bearded faces; an unusual sight for MGA Police in uniform.

The Department believes this will not affect the officer’s ability to perform their duties and the officers will have restrictions that will allow them to be safe while growing the beard. Chief Douglas stated: “If you see an officer in the field looking a bit scruffy, don’t worry, they are growing their beards for a good cause and they will be back to smooth faces December 1st.”