Parking Policy Color Codes

Faculty & Staff,

Changes have been implemented during the holiday break concerning parking on the Cochran campus. Please take notice that color coding of parking spaces on the Cochran campus have now been updated to match that of other campuses. The new color scheme will only consist of orange, green, white, blue and red. The red that is on the curbs represents fire lanes that were implemented under the direction of the fire department. Fire lanes are now compliant with local and state regulations and take effect immediately. For the first two weeks of the new semester the police department will issue warnings for violations due to the newly noted changes. Listed below are the parking policy color codes.

Red- Fire lane (No parking at any time)

White- Commuter Parking

White-(Visitor Reserved)- Visitor Parking

Orange- Residential Parking

Orange (Reserved)- Games Students

Blue- Handicap/ADA Spaces

Green- Faculty/Staff

Thank you to everyone for making the completion of this project possible. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

S. Douglas