President Blake’s latest blog: Seasons of Change

We build our lives—personal and professional—in many ways around seasons of the yearly calendar.  As I write today we awoke this morning in middle Georgia to the real first feel of Autumn and a chilly 36 degrees dawn temperature, even though meteorological Autumn technically starts on September 22nd, around the Equinox.  We have reached what Keats described as “the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” as the beautiful environment around us, and the world we inhabit at our working University, takes on a new season.

Typically at MGA we measure this seasonal change in three ways.  Firstly, many academic institutions take a short Fall break after mid-term examinations, in recognition by faculty and students that one-quarter of the traditional academic cycle has passed.  Like all transitions this can be effortful as well as normal, in as much as some of our students are finding the demands of their studies hard-going and academic persistence or “grit” becomes an essential part of their success. Next week begins the Second Session of Fall semester, a semester in which our enrollment grew to more than 7,800 students for the first time in four years.

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