Status of Ideas Received in President’s Greatness Dropbox

Below is a summary of ideas received in the President’s Greatness Dropbox since August 2014, including the status of each.

Idea Summary From Received Status
“Pay it Forward” Days at Middle Georgia State Ex. purchasing a stranger’s meal, helping an elderly individual pump gas or unload their cart at the grocery store.  A great way to foster and develop a culture of service and stewardship! Kerri Justice (Nursing) 2014-08-08 Forwarded to Student Affairs to incorporate in future days of service.
Faculty/Staff and Alumni Monthly Happy Hour and Social Introduction of a regular semester event, a Faculty/Staff Happy Hour and Social, possibly including Alumni. Christopher  Tsavatewa (Health Services) 2014-08-08 Approved by President’s Office. First event was held during Inauguration Week in the Fall. More to come in future semesters, including with Alumni!
Single Password for All MGA Platforms Change to one password for all MGA software platforms. Reduce complexity for accomplishing tasks and increase security. Carol S. Sargent 2014-08-08 Forwarded to Technology Services, which is already moving in this direction to the extent possible, unless security risks prevent it.
D2L Training for Students Offer D2L training to students. D2L has a great deal to offer students in terms of communication. Dr. Lorraine Dubuisson (English) 2014-08-08 Already moving in this direction. Training for faculty on SWORDS, MyDegree, and D2L is taking place this Spring. Student training will follow beginning Summer 2015.
Recycling of Textbooks A plan for the regular recycling of texts would keep them from accumulating and eventually ending up in landfills. Lita Holloway 2014-08-08 Textbook recycling bins now available at each campus bookstore during book buyback.
Occasional Athletic Events on Campuses other than Cochran Athletic events should occasionally be held in Macon and/or Warner Robins. Jimmy Anderson 2014-08-08 Soccer games and Club Football already scheduled for Macon and Warner Robins. Check for details!
Summer Access to Macon Wellness & Recreation Center for Faculty/Staff and their Families Opening the facility/pool to faculty/staff and their dependents for no charge or a nominal fee. Ed Steigerwald (Aviation) 2014-08-08 Student Life is developing a policy for possible guest use of the facility.  Currently the facility is free for the months of May through August.
Change the social norm to 15 credit hours per semester for full-time students Incentivizing students to enroll in 15 or more credit hours by offering discounts, etc. David Biek (Psychology) 2014-08-08 Great idea for week of August 15. Academic advisors are already strongly encouraging this course load. The USG does not allow waiving of mandatory fees, but we may look at other ways to incentivize through the bookstore or food services.
Make presentations to faculty available for review When important information is addressed,  a folder with powerpoint presentations available to review for faculty. Sherrie Owens (Education) 2014-08-08 We will work toward this when we adopt a new Content Management System. For now, those with information to share are encouraged to send it to for publishing in the internal e-newsletter.
Send GAMES students to Science Bowl This years GAMES program does not have funding to compete in the National Science Bowl. Continuing to compete is very important as we are very close to getting the state title which will include an all expenses paid trip to compete in Washington D.C. Andrew Lauer (Chemistry) 2014-08-08 Funding restored.
Publish Final Exam Schedule at Start of Semester Publish final exam schedule at the start of the semester. Kara Smith (History) 2014-08-11 Forwarded to Calendar Committee.
Top Administrators Refrain from Morale-Hurting Statements Top administrators should refrain from morale-hurting statements. Kara Smith (History) 2014-08-11 Shared with Cabinet.
Inter-Campus Transportation Options Connection of our campuses with respect to students’ ability to take courses at multiple sites. Donna Perkins Balding (Biology) 2014-08-11 Under consideration by Transportation Committee, whose recommendations are expected in Spring 2015.
Web Fix Blitz Day On this one day all college employees should look at their departmental webpages to check for inaccuracies and vague or missing information. All of these could be reported to a central office who would either fix the information or forward it on to the appropriate department to handle. Felicia Haywood (Library) 2014-08-11 Any inaccuracies on the website should be reported to, which updates pages as requested.
Improve Signage at PSC Improving Signage at PSC Michelle Klingaman (Political Science) 2014-08-11 Forwarded to Macon Campus Director.
Continuing Education Continuing education programs.  Has MGSC explored this in any depth?  Couldn’t this provide both a revenue stream and good marketing potential, particularly for adult learners? Kara Smith (History) 2014-08-11 Forwarded to Special Assistant to the President, who oversees conference center and continuing education.
Increase number of allowed hours for credit by examination  A way to increase the MGSC graduation rate is to increase the number of allowed hours of credit by examination. Paul Johnson (Student Success) 2014-08-11 This is under consideration and in progress to some degree with: only 25% of hours required to be taken at MGA, advisors pointing students to exam options, and use of prior learning assessments by many of our schools.
Reward success in national exams Reward programs that demonstrate success in national-level exams (huge boost to reputation). Carol S. Sargent (Accounting) 2014-08-11 Forwarded to Academic Affairs for consideration, and will better publicize outcomes.
Mascot Square in Cochran Turn the area into a kind of “Tommy Trojan” square (à la USC in Los Angeles) but with the statue of a rearing lancer: a rearing knight with lance.  Use for all kinds of especially pre-football MGSC Knights’ rallies. It would become in time, legend.  It would advance recognition, image and recruitment. Christopher Cairney (English) 2014-08-12 Currently looking at cost of having such a statue at each campus. Implementation would have to wait until we have university status and the permanent name of the institution.
Update maps on website Perhaps the Macon campus maps on need to be updated. The Health and Wellness Center is still listed as being adjacent to the Student Life Center, not across Knee-deep Pond as the new center is. Judith Schmitt (English) 2014-08-12 Forwarded to webmaster. Macon maps are up to date.
Flex time option Federal employees have the ability to work flex hours, arriving between 7a-9am during the work week. Lindsey Dee (Director of Student Life) 2014-08-13 Forwarded to Human Resources for consideration.
Re-evaulate use of e-core classes We should re-evaluate how we use e-core courses, which are taught by a variety of people across the country who have no ties to our institution or particular motivation to see our students succeed. Lorraine Dubuisson (English) 2014-08-14 eCore also allows our faculty to teach across the country and MGA gets credit for students our faculty reach. Academic Affairs will analyze the impact of eCore on student success.
Layout of Cochran Financial Aid The layout of our Cochran Financial Aid Office could be a little more customer friendly. Scotty Rainwater (Student Life) 2014-08-15 Fiscal Affairs/Facilities has had discussions and a tour with Financial Aid. This will be on 3 Year Capital Plan for FY16.
Each school involved in Marketing the institution Each School, to the extent that they have an individual that is able and capable, send to Marketing & Communications a faculty member to work that team 1-2 days a week. Ed Steigerwald (Aviation) 2014-08-15 Selected as Great Idea. Marketing & Communications working with Academic Affairs on incorporating suggestion.
Improve Distance Learning Record lectures live and the student may go to the live recording, watch the recording live via adobe connect, or watch the recorded lecture via streaming video when it is convenient to them. The testing is done via a testing center, or in my case a pre-approved proctor who scans and returns the test to the professor. Duane Day (Mathematics) 2014-08-16 The infrastructure to support this is in the works, with expansion of video conferencing, Echo360, lecture capture, and D2L.
Mandatory student course evaluations Why not require students to evaluate the course (or signon and opt out) as a requirement prior to viewing grades?  (GSU does this so it is possible in Banner). Carol Sargent (Accounting) 2014-08-16 Deans are considering this idea.
Orientation improvements, including Freshman Convocation, to improve retention Welcome weekend for freshman students, including move-in to dorms earlier than upperclassmen,meeting their teachers experience, special convocation etc. Beth Brown (Respiratory Therapy) 2014-08-16 Student Affairs is revamping orientation and it will include some of these ideas, such as a Freshman Convocation. Stay tuned!
Targeted groups approach to helping students resolve payment issues Possible improvement to our payment deadlines and schedule-drop processes: a ‘targeted groups’ approach to our population of registered students. Carol Ferrell (Bursar) 2014-08-17 Academic Affairs, Fiscal Affairs, and Enrollment Management have begun implementation of this idea, and will continue to work towards this approach to better manage kickouts.
Support for introverted students In addition to faculty advisers, there should be student volunteers/teams extending hand and support to such students.  We might also consider book-reading clubs, which would include both students and faculty.  Technology and internet based labs for improving public speaking and interpersonal communication could also be a valuable addition. Senthil Muthusamy (Business) 2014-08-17 Forwarded to Student Affairs for consideration.
More info. In Outlook for Faculty/Staff Include more information about faculty/staff in the Outlook Contacts directory. As it stands now it’s difficult, if not impossible, to determine whether someone in Outlook is a student or faculty/staff member. Robin Grant (Electronic Resources Library) 2014-08-18 We are in the process of moving to the cloud with Office365, which will allow us to improve directories.
School Name Continuity Continue to do what needs to be done to integrate a clear and consistant message of a united community. Kara Smith (History) 2014-08-18 Efforts underway. University status will help with brand clarity.
Pathway to Tenure for Non-Tenure Track Faculty See a pathway for full-time, non-tenure track faculty to join the tenure-track ranks. Policy does allow for a non-tenure track to tenure-track conversion by the college president. Kara Smith (History) 2014-08-18 Please see tenure policies in the Faculty Handbook.
Midterm Grades in Banner to Improve Retention and Progressin An important improvement, aiding in retention and progression, would be to implement mandatory mid-term grade posting in Banner. Chip Rogers (English) 2014-08-18 Deans are in the process of finalizing a policy on this issue.
Punch Card Membership for Traveling Wellness Center Visitors Faculty/staff option to use to the Wellness Center when in Macon. Many academic advisors travel to different campuses each week during registration periods. Deneice Bausley (Learning Support Coordinator) 2014-08-19 Student Affairs is currently developing a membership proposal for the Macon Wellness Center.
Hanging Parking Decals for Safety Giving all faculty, staff, and students the option of a hanging tag or a sticker for their parking permits. The hanging tag would allow people to back into their spots. Laura Dyer (Biology) 2014-08-19 We are currently reviewing the entire parking system and hope to implement a proposal that does not involve any kind of decal.
Extended Tech Support Hours Access to extended hours of tech support. Dana Casper (Library) 2014-08-20 This is currently a resource issue, however Technology Resources is considering options, such as the use of student interns to support this expansion.
Basic Algebra Skills Review Class/Workshop MGA should offer a Basic Algebra Skills Review class/workshop as part of a Continuing Ed program. Ann Berry 2014-08-20 Forwarded to Continuing Education for consideration.
Dr. Blake random visits Dr. Blake to make random drop-in visits to say hello, chat with students, etc.  It might be a good way to interact with students, much in the same way he is able to do at the Macon campus by helping a student to register for classes or similar. Kara Smith 2014-08-21 Great idea for the week. Dr. Blake has made visits and held open office hours on every campus.
Assistant Chair Performance Evaluation Assistant Chairs should be evaluated annually by faculty along with Chairs and more formal oversight of their performance as we move forward. Lorraine Dubuisson 2014-08-21 Human Resources is currently looking at procedures for performance evaluations.
Availability of Upper/Lower Level Courses on all Campuses Each campus offers both upper level and lower level classes in each field at varying times. Rosalyn Davis (Adjunct Instructor) 2014-08-24 Working toward this–although some classes will be distance learning, taught on one campus and broadcast to others.
Update MGA Webpage School website be proofed for needed updates as some of the information is inaccurate / outdated. This can help improve customer service and clearity for faculty, staff and students. Kara Smith (History) 2014-08-24 Each unit is responsible for ensuring the web content on their pages is accurate. For now, all changes should be sent to web master. Technology Resources and Marketing and Communications are working toward adoption of a Content Management System that will make it easier for units to update information.
W/D/F Rates – Survey College-wide data put into place that allows people to  gather actual data that can be addressed on the issue of W/D/F grades. Kara Smith (History) 2014-08-24 College-wide data is now available to Chairs through Blackboard Analytics.
Technology Grants Search out grants or designated donations to equip other campus with more rooms in which to offer remote delivery of classes. Kara Smith (History) 2014-08-24 Already under way. Forwarded to iTLEAD for follow up.
Dual Enrollment for Criminal Justice Middle GA State College to consider dual enrollment in the area of Criminal Justice for high school students. Rosalyn Davis (Adjunct Instructor) 2014-08-24 The current dual enrollment options at MGA, which are by design focused on core curriculum, include pathways to Criminal Justice.
Extra Curricular Activities We need to have more activities in Cochran for the students for better student retention. Ex. gaming center, a separate area with a big screen or movie size screen that plays recent movies,  a small bowling Center like Dublin, some outdoor hoops for basketball, maybe a cover for the outdoor pool for year round use  which could lead to swim teams as we approach becoming a university . We have several wooded areas, maybe paintball fields. Randy Naska (MGA Police) 2014-08-25 Forwarded to Student Affairs for consideration.
Specialty Car Tags for MGA The college to have a specialty plate.  We should receive additional annual income and allow the exhibition of alumni pride. Joy Campbell (Business) 2014-08-25 Great idea for the week and already on the to-do list for when we reach university status. Note that we are required to pre-purchase 1000 of these, so there must be sufficient interest.
Student Rosters with photos This week ran an op-ed column by Daniel F. Chambliss entitled “Learn Your Students’ Names.” ( You likely do not need to read the article to understand the key point. Suggestion: create a system that incorporates student I.D. photos rosters/Bannerweb/SWORDS. Christopher Lawrence (Political Science) 2014-08-27 Technology Resources advises that this will be possible with Banner, but we are about one year away from implementation.
MGA Student Appreciation Day Last day of class and when finals begin in the Spring should be designated as “Student Appreciation Day.” Carnival style event, free t-shirts, faculty involvement. Keigan Evans (Residence Life) 2014-08-28 Forwarded to Student Affairs for consideration.
Dual Enrollment on-location in high schools We should consider offering dual enrollment classes at the high schools. This could help with recruiting and not exclude students without the option of driving to the MGA campus. Wanda Eanes (Adjunct Faculty) 2014-08-29 We currently offer dual enrollment on-location and are looking to expand, for instance to Career Academies. The request for on-site classes must be initiated by the high school.
Core Values for Student Success The college should actively promote its core values of Stewardship, Adaptability, Engagement, and Learning to students as tools that can help them through their college years and beyond. Pamela Arlov (English) 2014-09-01 Forwarded to Marketing & Communications for consideration.
Idea about Course Schedule An adjustment in the online registration process to allow students to narrow their options (campus, topic, etc.) would be helpful to both students and faculty/staff when registering in order to avoid campus location confusion. Charlotte Costello (Nursing) 2014-09-02 This is currently possible. Students must simply click on “advanced” (next to the search button on the upper right of screen) to search by more than one option (i.e., afternoon nursing classes on the Macon campus).
Faculty/Staff Project Database We should create some sort of database of the kinds of projects that faculty and staff have worked on prior to the consolidation so that we can best utilize our personnel resources. Lorraine Dubuisson (English) 2014-09-02 While we do not currently have a mechanism in place, we will consider it in the future.
Core Values on Display It would be more forceful if banners were to be stated as imperatives rather than nouns. Perhaps future signs and presentations could use, when appropriate:Engage
Care(Other synonyms for Stewardship in verb form could be Conserve, Protect, Guard, but I thought Care was the most similar in intent.)
Jonathan Cannon (Biochemisty) 2014-09-02 The Core Values were articulated by the Vision Task Force and will underpin our Strategic Plan. We do use them both internally and externally as both nouns and verbs–depending on context. Idea forwarded to Marketing & Communications, Institutional Advancement, Strategic Planning, and Campus Directors as a reminder.
Athletics- Shooting Team Since we have additional land across Ivey Dr. a Shooting team could be possible. We could very easily build Skeet and Trap houses across the road. This program could help attract students and athletes to MGA since there are only a handful of programs available for shotgun shooting and only 1 or 2 in higher Ed. Chief Shawn Douglas and Jeff Marshall would be willing to help build a program like this. Jeff Marshall (IT Services) 2014-09-04 Forwarded to Student Affairs for consideration.
More Professional Counselors We should provide more professional counselors for students. Our Counseling Center does an excellent job, but given our student population, more counselors are needed to help students with domestic situations, emotional issues, etc. Sharon Colley (English) 2014-09-04 Forwarded to Student Affairs for consideration.
Website Spotlight Idea There should also be some sort of spotlight section on the website that highlights different departments and services. It can show pictures, list all their services, provide information on the staff, and it will help students learn more about these different departments and services on campus that some may not have realized existed or just did not know enough about. (To be done on a monthly basis) Heather Mcintosh (Career Services) 2014-09-05 Forwarded to Marketing & Communications for consideration.
Safety Cheatsheet Suggestion: the use of a “safety cheatsheet” in each classroom – it may help with student safety to have it in a place where all students and instructors could have easy access to information to provide the safest action in the quickest possible manner for that specific classroom. Sherie Owens (School of Education) 2014-09-06 Public Safety created a “Podium Cheat Sheet” for safety, but they were continually removed.  Now the emergency number is posted in every classroom on all 5 campuses.
Smoking Cessation Program In light of the coming “tobacco-free campus” policy, perhaps our Health Sciences faculty could help develop some sort of smoking cessation program as a service to the community. Stephen W. Taylor (History) 2014-09-08 Under consideration by Student Affairs.
Updated Employee Information- Directory MGA should have more updated employee information on the directory and have organizational charts. These two projects probably go hand in hand. Wendi Allen (MGSC Foundation) 2014-09-09 The org charts are now updated on a regular basis by the Office of the President and the directory is designed so that all faculty and staff can upload and regularly update their professional profiles.
Integrating Community into Campus Life. In order to make MGA a vital part of the surrounding community we could implement summer programming for K-12 students. Lorraine Dubuisson (English) 2014-09-10 Great idea for the week. We are working on this as part of the Strategic Planning process.
Increase use of video on website The idea is to have short video segments explaining each degree or program available for viewing as students search their intended areas of study. By watching video segments of people that they will actually be interacting with throughout not only the application process, but also the academic process, adds a level of comfort and familiarity that the students gravitate toward which may increase enrollment. Amy Bryant (Occupational Therapy) 2014-09-11 Video usage on the website has and will continue to increase. Forwarded to Marketing & Communications as a reminder.
Programs targeted to the Disabled  Idea: specifically targeted programs for adults with developmental disabilities. This can provide the college experience to a group of people who have been left out otherwise. The programming can have a life-skills focus, but the humanities and arts could still be communicated and explored in their own way.
On the resource side, there is the National Down Syndrome Congress national convention, and their home offices are in Atlanta.
Michael Gibbons (Psychology) 2014-09-12 Idea selected as one that is good and noble, but not one that we can take on at this point in our trajectory as an institution of higher learning.
Programs for Ages 13-15 Yrs. Old Parents of 13-15 year olds have very limited options, and it would be good to see us develop learning and social activities for that age group. Laura Gay (Facilities) 2014-09-12 We are working on this as part of the Strategic Planning process.
Socio-cultural, Professional, and Industrial Knowledge and Experience (SPIKE) Program SPIKE could aid students to be a better part of the world at large as well as get the opportunity to be exposed to varied topics which would give them the chance to have broader perspective on issues, perhaps they have never even heard of. Dr. Gul Celkan (School of Liberal Arts, Dept.of English) 2014-09-14 Selected as great idea. Will be considered as part of the Strategic Planning process.
Community Outreach to Area K-12 Educators by Discipline The suggestion is that any time the college puts on an event (a gallery talk, a reading, a lecture by a scientist, the health fair, etc.), as part of the PR for the event a representative from the discipline sponsoring the event could contact the local schools to personally invite the teachers and their students to attend. Extra-curricular organizations like Junior Beta and Beta club, 4-H, etc. might also be good to contact. Lorraine Dubuisson (English) 2014-09-16 Selected as great idea. Forwarded to Campus Directors for consideration.
Advertising in Small Communities All of the teams that play through the season are always sponsored by someone or an organization. For a fee of $150.00 the College name will be on the kids shirts and a banner displayed on the field for the season. This is a great opportunity for us to show the community that supports us that we in return support them. Shane Roland (College Police) 2014-09-17 Forwarded to Marketing & Communications for consideration. Some already under way.
Raising School Spirit Increasing School Spirit: Some colleges have a weekly ‘wear your school color’ day; why not have a weekly ‘wear purple’ day?  Now that we have a football club, perhaps there could be some events planned to introduce the players to the MGA community, have some pre-game and post-game parties, broadcasting the games on campus when they are not held in the area; perhaps even some homecoming-type events. Sabrina Wengier, Ph.D. (Media, Culture and the Arts) 2014-09-18 Forwarded to Student Affairs and Marketing & Communications for consideration.
Confirmation E-mails for the Dropbox It would be a great idea to send not only an acknowledgement of “yes, we
received your e-mail and it’s going to an administrator,” but a more
specific “we received your idea and it’s being forwarded to Academic
Affairs (or Institutional Advancement, etc.).
Kara Smith (History) 2014-09-26 Great idea. This chart is based on it. 🙂
Mentorship We can get mentors from
the community to help students who may be having difficulties with the pressures of college, financial troubles, or problems at home. In turn, MGSC students could mentor middle school students. This is an opportunity for the community to get involved in MGSC and for MGSC to give back to the community.
Kathy Adams & Valery Godfrey (Library Services, Dublin) 2014-09-29 Selected as great idea for the week. We are working on this as part of the Strategic Planning process.
Gathering Places Since our gazebos on the Cochran campus were primarily used by the students as gathering places, it would be great if a few could be “reconfigured” (painted in school colors, etc) and moved to new locations and marked with “no smoking” signs. Lita Holloway (Administrative Secretary, Science and Mathematics Departments) 2014-10-01 One wing of the Cochran Rec Center will be renovated this summer into a student social space.  Expected opening date is late Fall.
Analysis Before Strategic Planning The suggestion is to conduct a SWOT analysis that includes all the internal and external stakeholders before the strategic planning initiative is finalized. The responses will not only be helpful in wording the College’s vision-mission but also help appreciate our core (fundamental) values. Dr. Gul Celkan (English) 2014-10-02 Analysis has been conducted through the process to articulate our vision and core values, which are underpinning our strategic planning process. Town Halls will soon be held on the new mission.
Alumni Follow-Ups As we try to build a clear reputation, we need data on our student successes other than just graduation. Data should include alumni success and their stories about how MGSC enabled their success, a database of alumni, an alumni club, and activities for alumni (quarterly) that allow them to come back to talk to their professors and classmates. We should also send them a congratulations when they pass (with a MGSC trinket) with all the accounting professors and Dr. Blake signing it. Carol Springer Sargent (Accounting Professor) 2014-10-10 Great idea. Forwarded to our new Director of Alumni Affairs for consideration.
Disaster Plan/Training Disaster/emergency plans should be in a clearly accessible place on the website and the process for handling situations that could potentially lead
to disaster should be clearly articulated. We could also have training/workshops on how to spot potentially troubled students
and what do to if we do spot them.
Lorraine Dubuisson (English) 2014-10-14 The Emergency Plans are currently on the website under the Police Department. Public Safety and Student Affairs currently conduct training/workshops as suggested.
Active Professor involvement in off-campus recruitment It may help increase enrollment to have professors actively recruiting students at high schools and other recruitment fairs. Professors can display their research and work in their related fields which may garner the interest of prospective students. N. Alan Clark (Director of Bands) 2014-10-23 Forwarded to Dean’s Council for consideration.
Campus Community Bulletin Board Our institution is missing an online campus community bulletin board that would allow faculty, staff, and students to post “events”, “for rent”, “for sale”, “wanted”, “carpool” ads and more. Dee Lindsey may also find such a board useful as a place to post event details and expand campus involvement. Lana Kempton (Academic Resource Specialist) 2014-10-28 While not exactly a bulletin board, our new faculty/staff online newsletter InsideMGA is a step in the direction of better internal communications and information sharing.
Extended Cafeteria Hours on the Cochran Campus A possible extension of the cafeteria hours on the Cochran campus may help students. Many continually bring up that the cafeteria closes much earlier than they are used to for dinner (leading them to spend money they don’t necessarily have budgeted on food after hours). Possibly, first half hour of dinner could be tacked on to the end or whole dinner block could be shifted a half hour later. Lorraine Dubuisson, Ph.D.
2014-11-08 This can be considered when the new vendor is selected for Food Services in April; however, the hours the cafeteria is open are standard across the industry.
Grant Proposal Workshops In order to promote faculty research, MGSC can host workshops that would go over the steps of how to write grant proposals. These workshops could be online or in person. Joshua D. Hill (English) 2014-11-18 Already in the works through the Faculty Development Committee.
Establishing AIESEC USA and the Golden Key International Honor Society on campus Suggestion One: open a AIESEC USA ( office on campus run by students in order to promote the knowledge of opportunities nationally and abroad. Suggestion Two: promote the Golden Key International Honor Society which is located in Atlanta. Their website address is The society will also help establish national and international connections for students. Dr. Gul Celkan (English) 2014-11-18 Faculty wishing to sponsor a student organization may initiate the process as described here.
Campus Unity & Better Communication with Students Suggestion One: extend the number of online and hybrid classes in all disciplines. Suggestion Two: Explain why a class is cancelled or moved to another campus. Suggestion Three: Have shuttles run to satellite campuses (can be a job offered to grad students). Dr. Lorraine Dubuisson (English) 2014-11-20 Under consideration by Department Chairs, as well as the committee considering transportation options.
Re-establish an old path on the Cochran campus as a Nature Trail Suggestion: Improve the dirt roads, re-establish the old path and create a bridge over the train tracks. These paths would be closed off to the vehicle traffic except when needed by MGSC vehicles. Benefits ranging from educational to recreational. Kenneth P. Spivey (Library Assistant) 2014-12-01 Forwarded to Facilities. Idea kept on file for future consideration, although the path would not involve crossing the railroad tracks.
Predicting Enrollment A wait list for students needing or wanting to enroll in already full classes can help predict which classes should have a second section offered in the same semester. Donna Perkins Balding (Biology) 2014-12-09 Under consideration. Currently looking at technology solutions to help with this.
Proactive Recorded Messages While on Hold When the students are on hold with Admissions, Bursar, or the Call Center I think it would be great if they got a message telling them the answers to the most FAQs, such as deadlines and upcoming important dates. Amanda Neff Funches (Budget Director) 2015-01-16 When we change our service provider for the Call Center later this spring, we will have this capability. Marketing will work with Enrollment Management to script the messages.
Staff Recognition Awards With the recent email calling for nominations for faculty awards for excellence, I am reminded that we have stopped formally recognizing staff for excellence in the past few years. We should reinstate that tradition. Perhaps this could be tied with the discussions about a Staff Council (similar to Faculty Senate). Michael Stewart (Student Affairs) 2015-01-16 Forwarded to HR and Chief of Staff, who is leading development of Staff Council, for consideration.
Student Research Donations MGA Foundation could provide clear guidelines for faculty to seek funding for student research projects from community organizations or crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter. Jonathan Cannon (Biochemisty) 2015-01-29 Forwarded to Provost and VP for University Advancement for consideration.
Uniformity in Campus Maps Make maps for each of the five campuses uniform in a user friendly format. Matthew Sylvester (Admissions) 2015-02-04 Selected as great idea. Forwarded to Marketing & Communications and Campus Directors for implementation.
Provost Open Office Hours The Provost should consider holding open office hours, similar to the President’s, on each campus. Kara Smith (History) 2015-02-10 Forwarded to Academic Affairs for consideration.
Broad Faculty Award Eligibility Following up on the idea for Staff Recognition Awards, we should also broaden the eligibility for Faculty Awards to include non-tenure track faculty. Kara Smith (History) 2015-02-10 Forwarded to Academic Affairs for consideration.
Make Raisman’s Book Available on Campus Make “The Power of Retention: More Customer Service for Higher Education” (recently quoted by President Blake) available in the Library. Joy Campbell (Business) 2015-02-17 Selected as great idea. Forwarded to Library for follow up.
On Campus Daycare Consider opening an on-campus daycare center, to be staffed either by School of Education students or a local partner. Kelly Jones (Information Technology) 2015-03-06 Forwarded to Fiscal Affairs for consideration
Virtual Campus Tours Offer virtual tours of our campuses on the website, to aid in both finding buildings and recruitment of students. Estelle Knuckles (Chemistry) 2015-03-13 Selected as great idea. Forwarded to Marketing & Communications for follow up.
On-Campus Program for Teenagers Offer local students (ages 13-16) opportunity to take upper level classes at MGA on weekends, and stay on campus to attend a summer institute for a few weeks where they take SAT prep, with college students serving as “camp counselors.”  Dana Casper (Library Services) 2015-03-24 Forwarded to Academic Affairs for inclusion in Strategic Planning discussion.
Student Success Course Offer a required Student Success course for incoming freshmen to help students adjust to the higher level of reading, writing, and organization skills required of university students. Emmie Cochran-Jackson (Sociology) 2015-03-26 Forwarded to Academic Affairs for consideration in re-structuring of First Year Experience course.
Merchandise Vending Machines Provide vending machines near the library or other academic buildings to sell scantrons, blue books, pencils, flash drives, and other small items that are needed at a moment’s notice to improve service to students outside regular campus store hours. Ashley Evans (Auxiliary Services) 2015-03-31 Selected as great idea. Forwarded to Fiscal Affairs for follow up.
Strengthen Core in Foreign Languages and Anthropology Prepare students for the globalized workplace of the twenty-first century with important tools for interaction with cultures outside their own—namely the study of anthropology and foreign languages such as German—by hiring additional faculty in those areas. Andrew Reeves (History) 2015-04-01 Forwarded to Academic Affairs for Consideration
Address Issues Leading to Bad Image on Social Media Student interactions with MGA outside the classroom, such as the way we request required documentation around enrollment, can lead to students venting on social media and leave the public with a misperception of the institution. Lana Kempton (Academic Resource Specialist) 2015-04-28 Student federal aid appeals require documentation beyond a student statement. Enrollment Management  works to address any negative customer service experience and partners with MarComm to correct misperceptions on social media.
Strengthen Dual Enrollment Options At MGA Building on our successful experience running the GAMES program in Cochran, we should try to create a comprehensive, structured, non-residential dual-enrollment program on our other campuses that can help advanced students complete the first two years of their college education at a lower cost in a transfer associate’s program, and showcase Middle Georgia as a lower-cost alternative to institutions with more competitive admissions standards for completing the bachelor’s degree. Christopher Lawrence (Political Science) 2015-04-30 Already under way. President Blake signed the agreement for MGA to participate in the Georgia “Move on When Ready” program that provides part-time, full-time and residential options for high school students. Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management are working on implementation.
Casual Fridays to Benefit Student Fund Consider allowing faculty/staff to wear jeans on a designated Friday for a $5 or $10 donation to our SEAL (Student Access to Learning) program.  The proceeds would benefit our students and add to donations raised so far in the Plunge into Purple. Dee Lindsey (Student Life) 2015-05-22 Forwarded to Human Resources for consideration.
MGA Children’s Center Establish a center dedicated to serving the children of the students, faculty and staff of Middle Georgia State University and the families of its neighboring community.  The center could serve as a laboratory where students in the Education major may observe young children in connection with specific courses, practica, internships or as part of independent study, as well as work and gain experience in their chosen field. Dana Casper (Library) 2015-06-15 Forwarded to Academic Affairs and Fiscal Affairs for consideration.
Restroom Signs We have excellent facilities and incredible plant operations staff. I recently visited another institution and they had signs in the restrooms that instructed individuals who they should contact if the restroom needed attention. This could be a simple but efficient way to improve facilities. Scotty Rainwater (Student Life) 2015-07-09 Forwarded to Facilities for consideration.
Sneak Peek Week Have a week in May for prospective students to come to campus and sit in on “classes.” Select courses and professors can give sample lectures and answer questions. Students could sit in on various courses – Psychology, Business, Art, IT, Nursing, etc. – which may help students decide on a major. This would give potential students the opportunity to actually see themselves at MGA. Scotty Rainwater (Student Life) 2015-07-09 Selected as great idea. Forwarded to Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management, and Student Affairs for follow up and planning.
Ebenezer Society The Ebenezer Society would be a group of students who would serve as “ambassadors” for alumni to the university. They would work very closely with Alumni Affairs and Advancement to promote alumni engagement and annual giving. The Ebenezer Society would be instrumental in the execution of Homecoming. They could also coordinate an Alumni Picnic every spring. Scotty Rainwater (Student Life) 2015-07-13 Forwarded to Alumni Affairs for consideration.
Seating at Graduation As we move Graduation to campus, some ideas in light of seating constraints:
• Allot 50 to 90 for a lottery system (or even a first-come first-served online registration tool) to allow students to have the chance to get more than 3 guests into live graduation.
• Have limited overflow seating in the circular track around the basketball court.
• Have an outside graduation on the lawn between the Teacher Education Building and the Macon campus Library.
• Have the December graduation at the Macon Recreation and Wellness Center but have the May graduation at the Macon Centreplex.
Paul Johnson (Student Success) 2015-07-13 Forwarded to Graduation committee for consideration.
Revisit Summer Schedule Elimination of Friday hours in summer originated as a cost savings initiative to reduce expense for cooling buildings. With current university status, it may be appropriate to reevaluate the standard closing on Friday mornings for 8 days in summer. Offering expanded student services is vital, but balancing cost savings is also important.  For staff who prefer to be off on Fridays in the summer, taking more vacation during the summer is an option (8 Fridays times 4 hours per day equals only 32 work hours). Perhaps the Cabinet, Fiscal Affairs, and the new Staff Council could investigate potential of reinstating Friday hours. Paul Johnson (Student Success) 2015-07-16 Forwarded to Fiscal Affairs and Staff Council for consideration.
Student Honor Code Is it time for students and faculty to consider whether an honor code should be instituted at MGA? Hundreds of responses from students asked whether they believe high schools and colleges should have honor codes reveal that: (1) Students who embrace the idea of an honor code often see it as a source of pride and a reflection of their character; (2) Students who do not like the idea of an honor code often see it as laughable in light of the rampant cheating that they see in their own schools; (3) One aspect of an honor code that virtually no students embrace is the idea that they might be honor bound to “rat out” a fellow student whom they see cheating—they do not see policing others as part of their role as students; (4) Students tend to buy into the idea of an honor code more willingly if students or their elected representatives have a voice in its construction; (5) Students are divided on whether an honor code should be memorized and written on every test, indicated with an abbreviation such as “H.C.” and the student’s initials, or only stated as a part of the expectations of every student. Pamela Arlov (English) 8/7/2015 Forwarded to Student Affairs and Academic Affairs for consideration.
Targeted groups approach to resolving payment issues (revisited) In light of Fall 2015 enrollment trends, resubmitting suggestion from last academic year (8/17/2014), placing emphasis on the commitment card type of response from the student being used to secure student classes through drop/add period. Consider customer service aspects. Carol Ferrell (Bursar) 8/10/2015 Forwarded to Cabinet for discussion and consideration.
Gift Cards for Café I think it would be a great idea to give a small fund to each faculty and staff member to be used in the dining halls. This could be used as a lottery, incentive, or simply a gift and would potentially raise revenue for the school as well as Sodexo. I find that many people that work here have never tried the Café, which they may find to be delicious and covenant. Lana Kempton (Academic Resource Specialist) 8/13/2015 Finance & Operations notes that state funds may not be used for this purpose. And, considering the cost (thousands of dollars based on number of employees), there are more pressing needs for Foundation dollars.
Improve Visitor Parking Spaces Visitors parking spaces are not clearly marked. So my suggestion is that Middle Georgia State University provide more visitors’ parking spaces, and clearly mark them so that visitors can easily see and use them. And there should be visitors’ parking spaces in front of each building entranceway. Wanda Green (English) 8/26/2015 Police Services will add 5 in front of Jones and 5 in front of SLC, which will give us an even 12 in front of the two buildings, not counting our other visitor spaces. We also are going to clean up some of the spaces that have faded over time, which may be causing confusion.
Financial Aid Available for Textbooks By regulation, financial aid is not distributed for 1 month after school starts. Why can’t books and access codes be waved and deducted from financial aid as is done with tuition? Mary Wolfe (Mathematics) 9/10/2015 Enrollment Services (Financial Aid) and Finance & Operations (Bursar’s Office) note that we already do exactly this–students may use financial aid for textbooks and access codes.
Faculty Involvement in Commencement As graduates walk down the aisle back to their seats, they get to shake the hand of the department head the were under and maybe one additional professor. They would have a much closer, personal connection with these individuals who have guided them along all these years. Niels Eichhorn (History & Political Science) 9/22/2015 Academic Affairs is supportive of this idea. Forwarded to Graduation Committee for implementation.
Improve D2L with Brightspace Pulse It would be great if our Brightspace system here at MGSU were implemented with D2L’s iOS app called Brightspace Pulse. I downloaded the app on my iPod touch; but when I identified Middle Georgia State University as my educational institution, it told me that “Brightspace Pulse isn’t compatible with your school at the moment.” Mark Ashurst (Senior IT Major) 10/14/2015 Forwarded to Academic Affairs and Technology Resources for consideration.
Fishing on Campus It would be a great idea to open the ponds on Macon / Cochran campus to faculty and staff and their family for fishing on the weekends (shoreline only, no boats or kayaks). Jason Bryant (Occupational Therapy) 10/20/2015 Forwarded to Finance & Operations for consideration. They advise that while we use the ponds for academic research on occasion with limited access, fishing access would raise safety concerns. The Highway 80 property in Macon not set-up for regular vehicle travel and presents concerns for getting ambulances, fire, etc. to the scene during an emergency scenario. Fishing access to the ponds on campus in both Macon and Cochran would likely require monitoring during non-business hours, which we currently do not have the resources to provide.
Taking MGA Into Local High Schools MGA could have “Invasion of the Knights” days at local area high schools. Tables could be set up in the gyms representing all offices such as admissions, financial aid, and specific degree programs (OTA, Respiratory, nursing, psychology etc). Promotional materials and door prizes (book store items or gift cards) could be given. Information sessions for parents could also be scheduled in a separate classroom. MGA faculty and staff could take the MGA bus which would draw attention to our presence on campus. This method of presenting all that MGA has to offer, puts us in the students environment….we go to them instead of asking them to come to us. Amy Bryant (Occupational Therapy) 11/5/2015 Forwarded to Enrollment Management. They advise this idea would only work at certain high schools, as they are fairly selective on what they allow. Recruiters considering targeting one of our top feeder schools and piloting the idea this Spring.
Increase BOR Awareness To increase awareness of BOR meetings and discussions, I would suggest that we offer the webcast in central campus locations for those faculty and staff who are interested and able to participate. Micheal Stewart (Student Affairs) 11/10/2015 Forwarded to Finance & Operations and Technology Resources for consideration.
Traffic Light at Macon Campus Entrance Having a 4-way traffic light constructed at the front entrance of the Macon campus on Eisenhower Parkway, which would require coordination with Macon Bibb County Facilities Management Department, would provide ease for young inexperienced student drivers crossing numerous lanes exiting and entering the Macon campus. The propensity of a traffic accident is very high especially during peak hours of high volume traffic. Grace Adams-Square (Political Science) 11/14/2015 Forwarded to Finance & Operations and Chief of Staff for consideration. Chief of Staff advises that Eisenhower is a state highway, where the construction of a traffic light would be governed by Georgia DOT, whose regulations may deem that intersection too close to the next traffic light.