President’s Blog: Learning in Transition

Last year, at our first united Convocation, I asked us as a learning community to be a change-ready, risk-taking institution, and then added the caveat that the term “risk” implies both achievement and falling-short, both success and failure until we reach our new goal. I suggested that risk teaches us lessons on how to get better, sometimes from hard knocks, and that without risk we would never improve and be ready for University status. The road upward is not always linear, but has highs and lows and often spirals back on itself.

As we enter our final week as a state college, while students focus on summer classes, our faculty and staff are busy laying the groundwork for days ahead.  Some of that work will be obvious in the coming weeks—with new signage, new titles and organizational changes, new students on campus for orientation, and a new academic year on the horizon. Read more on President Blake’s Stand for Greatness Blog.