Programs Serving Minors – New Approval Process

Middle Georgia State University has implemented a Minors Policy that focuses on the safety and well-being of campus visitors, providing a healthy environment for all who participate, volunteer or work on campus. This policy, which is structured by the guidelines set forth in the Board of Regents policy Protecting Non-Student Minors on Campus, includes non-student and visiting minors.

Effective immediately, all MGA programs that include non-student minors must complete the Programs Serving Minors process in order to be approved. This process is outlined on the Programs Serving Minors website and includes but is not limited to:

  • Submitting the program for approval via an online registration form
  • Ensuring appropriate federal background checks are completed for all non-MGA employees who directly interact with minors
  • Completing mandatory training on the MGA minors policy and mandated report training
  • Filling out required forms including a waiver of liability, state licensure exemption and photo release
  • Finalizing the process by completing the Program Serving Minors Checklist

For any questions on this new process, please contact the Office of Auxiliary Services at 478-757-2511 or