Reminder about FY19 Travel funds – Deadlines Approaching

Please see below regarding dates related to being paid for or encumbering your FY19 travel (travel through June 30, 2019)

FY19 Travel Budgets

  1. If you will be traveling from now until June 13th, please submit your expense report through the T&E Module no later than close of business June 13th.  If you will be traveling (including inter-campus travel) from June 14th – June 30th, please let Christy Colvin know the dates and the overall estimated dollar amount of your travel by June 13th.  On or after June 14th all travel will be submitted using the “Travel Reimbursement Form” here.  This paper reimbursement form must be submitted with all supporting documentation no later than July 9th.  If you have questions or extenuating circumstances, please contact Christy Colvin 478-757-3602 or .
  2. Remember that while travel funds are still out there for your use until June 13th, any registration hits your operating account so a YE request will need to be made.
  3. Travel funds will be swept on June 17th.  Please note that if you do not turn in your estimated travel funds to Christy Colvin by the dates above, the funding may not be available for your reimbursement.