Reminder Regarding New Outside Activities Form

As part of the updated Recruitment and Hiring Process adopted in Fall 2015, the university introduced a single form for faculty and designated staff to report on Outside Activities as required by BOR policy.

If you are in any of the following groups, please fill out your form for Spring 2016 at your earliest convenience and forward it to the Office of Human Resources:

  1. a member of the faculty;
  2. staff member at director level or higher; or
  3. an employee, including students, working in multiple positions simultaneously within the university.

The relevant section of Policy 8.2 – Recruitment & Hiring Process notes:

Additional Employment Disclosure

In keeping with USG policy, for all activities, except single-occasion activities, faculty, administrators, and other professional staff members (defined as director level and above) shall report in writing through official channels the proposed arrangements and secure the approval of the President or his/her designee prior to engaging in the activities. Such activities may include consulting, teaching, speaking, and participating in business or service enterprises.

Such employees, as well as any faculty, staff or students working in multiple positions simultaneously within the university, should complete an Additional Occupational Activities Form at the beginning of each semester or when there is a change in your previous report.  The form will be maintained in the Office of Human Resources respective personnel file.