Reminders on Mandatory Campus Safety Training for Students

As a reminder, Part 1 of both Haven and AlcoholEdu (Mandatory Campus Safety Training) was due on March 4 and Part 2 is due on April 15, 2016.

If students do not finish Part 1 by Friday, April 8, they will be unable to finish Part 2 (which they cannot start until 30 days after Part 1) by the end of the semester.

Students must have done one of the following by May 9, 2016 to avoid a grade hold:

  1. Completed Parts 1 and 2 of both Haven and AlcoholEdu in either Fall 2015 or Spring 2016;
    • Click here to register/complete training on EverFi
    • The student registration code is: c1bad7b4
  2. Requested and been granted an exemption for one of the following reasons AND certified that they have read and understood MGA policies on sexual assault, harassment, alcohol and drugs:
    • they are nontraditional (age 27 or older);
    • they have received sexual harassment training through an employer;
    • they are a survivor of sexual abuse and training may trigger traumatic response;
    • they have completed Haven and AlcoholEdu at another institution;
    • they are transient or non-degree seeking; and/or
    • they are graduating this semester.

A grade hold for Title IX simply means students will not be able to access grades through SWORDS or receive a transcript until they complete training.  They will still be able to receive grades through their advisors, by phone or in person. The hold will not impact their ability to register for Summer or Fall classes.