Report of the Strategic Planning Board

The Strategic Planning Board, a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, issued its 2014 Strategic Planning Board Report to the President this week.  The report tracks institutional progress as measured against Middle Georgia State College’s current mission and strategic plan, that was developed in 2012.  The report highlights the College’s notable successes and makes recommendations for process improvements in institutional assessment moving forward, in anticipation of increased institutional performance under a new strategic plan.


Middle Georgia State College has made strong progress in achieving its goals in 2014 and is successfully fulfilling its mission, which you will see when you review the report. At a time of great change both internally in a post-consolidation era, and externally in an environment of rapid change and disruptive forces in higher education, our institutional capacity to remain focused and determined has positioned us superbly for becoming a University.


Currently we are now in a new phase of strategic planning in 2015, and shortly under the Provost’s leadership will be issuing a draft strategic plan for discussion and feedback.  In that endeavor we will continue to use metrics to chart growth and inform decision making.  The careful planning and tracking of institutional progress is essential to our forward trajectory as we seek University status.