School of Business professors receive research award at annual MBAA International conference

School of Business professors Anthony Narsing, Mimi Ford, and Troy Sullivan recently published “Proposed Border Tax Adjustment – Implications to the U.S. Auto Industry” in the Journal of Contemporary Business Issues. They presented this paper at the 2018 MBAA International annual conference held in Chicago in late April and received the Best Distinguished Research Paper Award. MBAA International is a multidisciplinary organization made of several associations called professional tracks focused on areas such as marketing, management, accounting, and entrepreneurship, among others, with the purpose of promoting and sharing knowledge from academia and industry. Dr. Narsing also was recognized for his contributions as the 2017-2018 program chair of the Operations Management and Entrepreneurship Association (OMEA). The program chair of each association is responsible for organizing the annual conference of its respective track that takes place under the umbrella of the MBAA International event. He will serve as president of OMEA during the 2018-2019 academic year, while Dr. Sullivan will serve as program chair. Professor Ford just finished her one-year term serving as president of the North American Accounting Society. Congratulations!

MGA faculty receiving the research paper award at the MBAA International conference.