MGA Hosts Science Olympiad Regional Event

MGA hosted a regional event for Science Olympiad, one of the largest K-12 STEM organizations in the US, on Saturday, Feb. 16. High Schools around the state traveled to our Macon Campus to participate. Teams from each high school were given the opportunity to compete in 23 different events and allowed approximately five (5) hours to complete the entire event.

Competitive tournaments and events pertain to scientific disciplines such as:

  • Disease Detective
  • Astronomy
  • Forensics
  • Mission Possible
  • Protein Modeling
  • Experiemental Design

Read more about the types of events.

Teams of students perform lab tests, construct functioning devices, compete in model building events and are tested during the competition. Each event has a supervisor who also serves as the judge for the teams that complete each event.  

The High School Winner for MGA’s Regional Science Olympiad Competition was Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology.

Thank you to our faculty who volunteered for this Saturday event!

Event Director – Dr. Chris Hornung, professor of natural sciences

Event Coordinator – Jeff Wiles, professor of natural sciences

Supervisors –Chris Hornung, Jeff Wiles, Christine Rigsby, Imad El-Jeaid, Edwynn Wallace, Victoria Guarisco, Malav Shah, Nick Yang, Jianwei Wang, Pushpa Yadav, Kim Pickens, Ali Ossip-Drahos, John Pattillo, Jaya Rao, Adam Bousom, Duane Day, Dawn Sherry, Cres Wise, Richard Binkley and D.L. Simmons.