State Charitable Contributions Project Campaign 2015-2016

Dear MGA Community,

I would like to begin by thanking all those who have already participated and contributed to the campaign, and look forward to hearing from those who are in the process and/or planning to show their support in this next and last nine days of the campaign.

Today is the Mid-Point of the SCCP Campaign, and the current participation from the MGA community is 15 contributors, for a total of $1858 (average $123.86).  At this point in the campaign, this sets up a rather grim forecast for our local agencies. However, the good news is that at the end-of-day drawing this evening, there is a 1 in 14 chance (for those that have already participated) to receive a gift card to the campus Bookstore, or a gift certificate to the campus Cafeteria.

I am writing to seek your support for the SCCP Campaign, and requesting that you consider contributing either online, or by paper pledge (please see Pledge Form attached).  Printed copies of the pledge form will also be available to you in your department (please check with your administrative assistants). Please send a copy of your pledge forms to your campus team leader by Friday 11.13.15.

This year’s pledging has two convenient formats for contributing:

(i) Secure Online Pledging at:

(see instructions attached).

(ii) Pledge by Cheque (see pledge form attached)

I encourage you to follow your passion and support a cause that resonates with you personally. If you choose to pledge by Cheque, please complete the Pledge Form and send your pledge to your campus Team Lead (see attached list of Team Leads by campus).

Contributions may be made using one of the following three options:

(i)            Online by credit card: one-time contribution.

(ii)          Online through payroll deduction.

(iii)         By Cheque: one-time contribution, or payroll deduction.

In selecting the payroll deduction option, you will be able to effectively budget your donation through incremental deductions and ensure charities are receiving a continual cash flow throughout the year. For as little as $1 per paycheck, you can make a difference!

Let us as Heroic Knights Stand United!

In anticipation,

Sumi Himangshu
Chair, SCCP Campaign 2015