Student Veterans Esprit De Corp Newsletter Fall 2018

From Editor’s Corner

G Adams-Square

To our student veterans, looking back on the year 2018 with pride and accomplishment!

Armistice Day—November 11, 1918

The long years of fighting finally came to an end on November 11, 1918—at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Each year thereafter, Americans observed Armistice Day to remember World I veterans.

Celebrate with our fall 2018 issue of MGA Student Veterans Esprit De Corps Newsletter as we remember Armistice Day.  Our purpose of this newsletter is to help student veterans to get connected to our 5 campuses.

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The program was held on Wed., Nov. 7 at 9:30 am in the Student Center directed by Grace Adams-Square. The goal of the program was to celebrate and honor all those who served in World War I with special emphasis on African-American soldiers.  MGA student veteran Larry Burkhalter participated in the program.

MGA Student Vet Larry Burkhalter

Dublin High School JROTC posted colors. Keynote speaker was CEO Heart Of Georgia United Way Johnny Payne. Guest speakers included: Dublin Police Dept. Sgt. James Champion, and representatives from the Dublin VA Medical Center.  In attendance were students from Dublin Middle School accompanied by their school principal Dr. Jaroy Stuckey.

The program concluded with every veteran receiving a challenge coin provided by Mrs. Dee Lindsey, MGA Executive Director Veteran & Military Services.

Johnny Payne, CEO Heart of Georgia United Way

 The DUBLIN CAMPUS program closed with cake and punch served by Sodexo and donated by Student Services Coordinator Ashleigh Jennings.



Warner Robins campus wrote letters to veterans, first responders and new recruits. Letters were sent to Operation Gratitude. Cub Scout Pack 422 in Warner Robins created artwork to send to Operation Gratitude.



Eastman campus provided students the opportunity to write a note of thanks and gratitude to veterans.

Some students wrote a thank you card to our MGA faculty and staff who have served in the military. The remaining notecards were taken to a local veteran organization. Refreshments were served.

MGA veterans-Thank you for your service!


MACON CAMPUS & Community

Middle Georgia State University and the Macon-Bibb County government jointly observed Veterans Day at the 5th annual Veterans Day event at Coleman Hill. The ceremony was conducted on Monday, November 12, 2018.

This collaborative event between Middle Georgia State University and the Macon-Bibb Mayor’s Office celebrates all veterans past and present.

Dr. Christopher Blake and Mayor Reichert jointly host the annual event. “This Veterans’ Day brings past and present into dramatic relief,” said University President Christopher Blake.

“We honor and thank this Veterans’ Day those living veterans and current service men and women whose lives and work give us security and hope for a peaceful, just future.  They do this by their willingness to serve and being prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of freedom around the world.  We also this year remember the centennial of the end of the First World War – the Armistice of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 – when the most tragic of human wars came to an end.  Over the past century, that struggle for freedom has continued to be fought by brave men and women who believe in democracy over dictatorship.  This Veterans’ Day stands as a moment to thank and honor those millions who have come and still come to uphold the priceless values of life and liberty.”

The MACON CAMPUS event featured a program including:

Posting and Retiring by Middle Georgia State University Police

Remarks from both Dr. Blake and Mayor Reichert. A reading of “The Fallen” by

Robert Laurence Binyon

A Wreath Laying

Two-minutes of silence

The Lord’s Prayer

A musical selection from

Dr. N. Alan Clark, Middle Georgia State University Director of Bands.

Middle Georgia State University also participated in the “Bells of Peace” program, with bells striking 21 times at 11 am on Monday, November 12 on all five campuses.  Bells of Peace is a nationwide initiative to commemorate the centennial of the Armistice of 11 November with the simultaneous striking of 21 bells, either at public gatherings or via an app.



Cochran Campus Veterans Day Program was held on Tue, Nov. 6, 2018, @ 11:00 am

The theme was: Honoring Those Who Served: World War I -100 Years.

Our guest speaker was Andrew Wright,  MGA Lecturer for History in the History and Political Science Department.

In addition, students were able to witness a P.O.W. Remembrance Ceremony that was presented by Angela Daniels of the American Legion Family. The event was held in Walker Auditorium. The program was coordinated by Grace Adams-Square. Teresa Lorick was responsible for marketing.


 Spotlight on MGA Student Veteran:

 Hello, my name is Larry D. Burkhalter.

I served as a sergeant in the United States ARMY. My M.O.S., which stands for Military Occupational Specialty, was 92G. My duty stations included Korea, Afghanistan, Germany, Japan and various places in the United States. My last duty station was Fort Stewart Georgia. I was an NCO in the United States Army. I had many responsibilities. One of the main responsibilities of an SGT is to supervise soldiers that are assigned to you. You have to make sure that your shift is completely taken care of and you are responsible for everything that goes wrong. If there is a problem with one of your soldiers during the night, you are the person that the company calls. It is your duty to get out of your bed and fix the problem, no matter the time. The military taught me discipline, structure, life skills and lessons. I had good days as well as bad, but it was worth it. I would recommend the military to others. I would prefer new recruits enlist into other branches such as the Air Force or the Navy. The deployments are not as long as the Army and the other branches seem to be safer.