Symposium to Celebrate the Eva Jean Upton Special Collection

All sessions are held in the Arts Complex/COAS Building.

Reception held in MGA Library

Symposium info packets in Arts Complex Lobby on day of event

Free and open to the public

Middle Georgia State University, Macon Campus

October 24, 2019

1:00-1:55     Opening plenary session, Arts Complex Theater, Macon Campus

                        The Life of Kathleen Lockhart Manning

                        Dr. Rebecca Lanning, Professor of Music

                        Presiders:         India Harris, Jahmar Davis

                        Session Hosts:  Jacob Moore, Sarah Vanderwarker

2:00-2:40    Concurrent Sessions, Arts Complex, COAS Building

                        Madness and Iconic Arts Figures

                        Location: Arts Complex Theater

                        Dr. Thom Harrison, Professor of English

                        Dr. Sabrina Wengier, Associate Professor of French

                        Presiders:         Jarvis Thomas, Tamia Stokes

                        Session Hosts: Tia Broxton, Lynese Martin

                        Understanding the Music of Kathleen Lockhart Manning

                        Location: Rehearsal Hall

                        Dr. Christian Kim, Assistant Professor of Music

                        Dr. Alan Clark, Associate Professor of Music

                        Presiders:         Stephen Esmond, Novian Stephens

                        Session Hosts: Joey Bronner, Kelly Lambright        

2:45-3:25    Concurrent Sessions, Arts Complex, COAS Building

                        The Roaring Twenties and the Role of Women

                        Location: Arts Complex Theater

                        Dr. Shereé Keith, Professor of Communication

                        Presiders:         Nadiyah Wilmore, Ethan Hamlin,

                        Session Hosts:  Kaitlyn Wells, Jabria Lott

                        Schizophrenia and its Impact

                        Location: COAS 218

                        Dr. Amanda Chase, Assistant Professor of Psychology

                        Presiders:         Tyah Burrell, DeAvian Mendez

                        Session Hosts:  Jozee Mouton, Nicholas Tiernan

                        To the Source: Archival Research

                        Location: COAS 206

                        Dr. Matt Jennings, Professor of History

                        Dr. Monica Miller, Assistant Professor of English

                        Presiders:         Tyler Rogers, Brandi Urban

                        Session Hosts: Dolan Suggs, Ashli Axtel

3:30             Reception and Installation of the Collection, MGA Library

                        Special Collections, Library 2nd floor: The Eva Jean Upton Special Collection

                        Remarks by Tamatha Lambert and Mr. Upton

7:30            Concert—To The Mart of Dreams: the Music of Kathleen Lochart Manning

                        Location: Rehearsal Hall

                        MGA Music Students, Chamber Singers, Faculty

                        Stage Manager: Noah Sigler

                        Concert Hosts:    Tammy Brinkley, Cierra Clark       

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