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Coming to America Panel

I’m hosting the 7th annual Coming to America panel. In this panel, I’ll be interviewing four faculty members that were born and/or raised in other countries about the cultural differences and similarities between the US and their home countries.

It will be held Tuesday October 16th, 2018 6:30 pm in the Dillard auditorium room 130. We have a new participant, Shamani Shikwambi from Namibia! Returning guests are Gul Celkan from Turkey, Louis Camara from Senegal, and Renat Khatmullin from Uzbekistan.

5th Annual Coming To America Panel in Cochran

Update:  Tonight’s the night!  6:30 pm, Dillard auditorium.  I’ll be interviewing four of our international faculty.  Hopefully we’ll all learn something! If you want me to set out sign-in sheets for your class, please send me an email. October 3rd,. 2016 Hi everyone!  I am pleased to announce the 5th Annual Coming to America Panel.  In Continue reading