Workshop: Quality Standards, Quality Matters

This workshop will provide participants with a brief history and context of the Quality Matters rubric. We will also discuss two distinct approaches to implementing quality control in online courses, with emphasis on standards recommended by MGA’s Department of Distance Education and eLearning. Presenter: Andy Davidson Register HERE


Workshop: 9 Elements of Great Instruction

Whether you teach in the classroom, online, or outside under a tree, creating effective instruction is essential to student learning. This workshop will present and explain nine key elements recognized in research and practice as being part of successful instruction. Attendees are encouraged to bring an idea or concept they may use in the session Continue reading


Workshop: Active Learning

Distance Learning presents: Active Learning Active learning in e-learning is the process of actively engaging learners in constructing knowledge. An active learning environment is learner-centered. This workshop focuses on active learning in a systemic approach that includes elements internal and external to the success of student learning in e-learning. Presenter: Dr. Alex Koohang Register to Continue reading

Workshop: Prepping Your Online Course for Next Semester

Distance Learning presents: Prepping Your Online Course for Next Semester Are you ready for the quickly approaching spring semester? Will this be your first time teaching an online course? This workshop will guide you through the steps necessary to get a head start into next semester as well as setting up and organizing your course in Continue reading

Workshop: Unit Design for Online Courses

Distance Learning presents: Unit Design for Online Courses How do students learn, and how can online teachers tailor instruction to those learning styles? How do instructors create instruction in an online environment? This workshop will present best practices for designing units in fully online courses, including how to organize, structure, and present lecture and assessment content. Continue reading