T&E Module Enhancements

In her 3/2/2015 email, Nancy Stroud mentioned that our PeopleSoft financial accounting system was being upgraded, to be completed on 3/31/2015. This upgrade adds new features and modifies the previous version of the Travel & Expense (T&E) Module. These features/changes are summarized below. Additional resources to assist in completing Expense Reports in the T&E Module can be found at http://www.mga.edu/accounting-services/documents.aspx under “U”.

New T&E Module Features:

  • One link for creating and modifying an Expense Report
    • Previously, there were separate “Create” and Modify” Expense Report links. They are combined them into one.
  • All expense information is now entered on the same page
    • The “Detail” link at the end of each expense transaction has been removed and all expense information is now entered on the same page.
  • The menu bar at the top changes. First it’s report-based, then it is expense-based.
  • No odometer readings for mileage
    • Enter total miles and commute/personal miles
  • Per diem on first/last day of travel – 25% deduction
    • This is a link now and not a check box. The traveler must also check a “Deduction Flag” box.
  • Quick-Fill
    • A Quick-Fill link has been added allowing a range of dates to be entered and expense types that apply to the range.
  • “Commercial Transportation” available as an expense type
  • Attachments can now and must be included in the Expense Report
    • Scanned attachments of receipts or other documentation can now be uploaded into the Expense Report through the “Attachments” link and will stay with the Expense Report. The traveler (or their Authorized Alternate Expense User) has to upload the attachment – this cannot be done in Accounting Services. If documentation is omitted, the report will be sent back for the traveler to upload the documentation. All receipts and other documentation are required to be submitted this way and not through email.
  • Online verification
    • Expense reports no longer need to be printed and signed by the traveler. Instead, the traveler must now complete an online verification (check box) attesting to the accuracy of the expenses.
    • NOTE: All Expense Users must sign the “Authorize Alternate Expense User” form if they want to authorize another employee to enter expenses and check the expense authorization box on their behalf.
  • Option to withdraw report
    • Report can be withdrawn by traveler if it has not been acted on in the approval process.

Also of note are a couple of “known issues” (as of 3/31/2015) related to the upgraded T&E Module. ITS is aware of these and is currently working to correct them.

  • Quick-Fill
    • When information is entered in the “Quick-Fill” and “OK” is clicked, the box will pop up again. Don’t re-check the boxes or the entries will be doubled. Just click “OK” again.
  • Per diem on first/last day of travel – 25% deduction
    • Occasionally, when clicking the “First or Last Day of Travel” link, the per diem amount shows as 0.00 and after clicking “OK” an error is returned. Click the “First or Last Day of Travel” link again and the correct per diem amount is populated.

Please contact Christy Colvin at christy.colvin@mga.edu or 478_757_3602 with any questions.