Traveling For the Holidays

The following information contains tips for travelers going to visit friends or family in areas with Zika over the holidays.

Before your trip:

What to pack:

  • Long sleeve shirts and pants to protect from mosquito bites
  • EPA registered insect repellent

During your trip:

  • Cover your skin with long sleeves and pants and use insect repellent.
  • Sleep in screened-in and air-conditioned rooms when possible.
  • Remember that Zika can be sexually transmitted, so use proper precautions.

After your trip:

  • Continue to protect yourself from mosquito bites, because Zika can remain in your blood stream for up to 3 weeks. This will help prevent your family and friends from contracting Zika from mosquitos.
  • Learn about the symptoms of Zika and see a doctor if you feel sick.


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Link to Environmental Zika Page: