Two More Great Ideas

A Great Ideas update from President Blake:

Since we opened the President’s Greatness Dropbox following our Fall Convocation this academic year, nearly 90 ideas—more than twice our expectation—have come into

In addition to those, I have heard directly from many of you during Open Office Hours on each Campus—itself one of the first Great Ideas received.

Last month, we provided a list of all of the ideas received in the Greatness Dropbox and the status of each on InsideMGA.

Over the past month, five more ideas have come in, two of which I selected as Great Ideas we can implement in short order:

  • Uniformity in Campus Maps. Admissions Representative Matthew Sylvester in Enrollment Management suggested we make the maps of each of our five campuses uniform in a user friendly format. I agree this should be on our to-do list as we continue to work toward a look and feel that unites us across campuses and departments. I have asked Marketing and Communications and our Campus Directors to follow up as we move toward university status.


  • Availability of Expert Sources on Campus. Administrative Secretary Joy Campbell in the School of Business suggested we make “The Power of Retention: More Customer Service for Higher Education” by Neal Reisman (which I quoted in my recent blog post on enrollment) available in the Library.  I have asked the Library to follow up on this suggestion, as I absolutely agree that we should encourage our faculty and staff to use resources such as books by leading experts to help us enhance student success.


Thank you for continuing to live our core value of Engagement by sharing your ideas with me.