Undergraduate Showcase

From the Office of Experiential Learning: We are proud to announce the launch of MGA’s first official Undergraduate Showcase. For the next four weeks, MGA students will show off their skills, their talents, and their accomplishments to the Middle Georgia community. These demonstrations will take every form and span every discipline – from curated art shows to scholarly papers, from Student Leadership Awards to student vocal performances – and will give our students the opportunity to share the results of their experiential learning with their friends, families, fellow students, and the Middle Georgia community as a whole.


This year’s Undergraduate Showcase will begin on March 31 with the opening of the Juried Art Show on the Macon campus. Join us Thursday from 3:30-5:30 in room 236 of the Arts Complex on the Macon campus to view student art projects, acknowledge our students’ creative contributions, congratulate prize winners, and enjoy some light refreshments.


The next day, April 1, we will host the Undergraduate Conference sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and organized by Drs. Shane Trayers (English) and Sheree Keith (MCA).  This is an all-day event involving more than eighty students presenting their research projects in literature, history, and biology among other fields, discussing their Study Abroad experiences, and showing their own documentary films.  Come by the College of Arts and Sciences building on Friday and see what we’re up to!


Undergraduate Showcase Events are free and open to the public as well as all members of our university community. For more information about these and other Undergraduate Showcase events taking place throughout the month of April, please consult the website at http://www.mga.edu/knowledgeatwork/showcase.aspx.