University Parking Permits Available for Faculty & Staff

The new MGA Faculty/Staff Permits are now available!

With respect to many requests, the new faculty/staff permits are in hang tag format that do not require you to permanently affix a decal to your vehicle.  In addition, the new hang tag style permit does not expire unless there is a change in the vehicle ownership status or employment status. Permits can be obtained in the Police Department on the Macon, Cochran, Eastman, and Dublin Campuses and in the Bursar’s Office on the Warner Robins Campus. Please be sure to bring your Faculty/Staff ID number and your current vehicle registration information, including license plate (tag) number. We ask that Faculty and Staff please remove all prior MGA decals from your vehicle upon receiving your new permit.


Faculty/Staff permits must be properly displayed on the rearview mirror with the permit number facing out while on campus. Permits are non-transferrable and are valid only for the vehicle/individual it is registered to. Vehicles not in compliance are subject to citation. Faculty/staff permits must be returned to the MGA Police Department upon resignation or termination of employment. Faculty and staff members that are assigned individual parking spaces that specifically designate their position or department are not required to possess or display a permit; however they are required to maintain current vehicle registration with MGA Police. MGA employment entitles faculty and staff members of the campus community to receive up to (2) parking permits. Additional permits may be purchased for a charge of $10.00 each. Temporary and Visitor permits may be obtained free of charge.


The deadline to have the new Faculty/Staff permit is August 1, 2015.