Help Test Website Rebranding for University!

This is the idea is planning to implement as a new header for the university brand change.  We are looking for bugs and errors on different devices and we need your help testing it!  Please send in any bug reports by Tuesday 6/23 so that we will have time to address them before the launch.

We ask that you test this in different browsers and devices (phones must be on the “Data” wi-fi network).  If your browser/device has an issue please create a screenshot and send it to so we can investigate it further.  Note that will only work “on-network”.

Long term goals of the MGA website entail implementing Cascade Server to open up new and collaborative ways to build websites under the MGA brand.  It will take some time and everyone’s participation to see its full effects.

WebAdmin has been given a green light to start making the College -> University within the site.  We can find them in “webpages” fairly easily but we have difficulty with PDF documents.  We ask that site owners view their respective documents page and prepare replacement PDFs that can be sent to