Wildlife Safety

Spring and summer months bring more than just warm weather. Wildlife that has been dormant through the colder months – including snakes  – have now awakened and are in search of sustenance.

The majority of the snakes that live in Middle Georgia are non-venomous and pose no public threat.  The chance of seeing a venomous snake on one of MGA’s campuses is very small.  Regardless, there are some steps you can take to help minimize your chance – wherever you are – of having an encounter with a snake of any sort:

  • Pay careful attention to where you’re walking, especially if you’re in an area with brush, undergrowth, or a deep cover of fallen leaves.  Snakes will hide under cover during the heat of the day.
  • Stick to sidewalks and paths as much as possible.
  • Try to stay in well-lit areas at night, so you can see clearly where you’re walking and what you’re walking on.

If you should see a snake:

  • Don’t panic. You are considerably larger than the snake, and it will want to get away from you.
  • Stay still, or back away slowly – do not approach the snake. It will probably retreat fairly quickly.
  • Call MGA Police at 478-471-2414 – they will come and remove the snake.  Nonvenomous snakes are transported to an unpopulated area and released, venomous snakes are turned over to animal control services.

In the unlikely event of a snakebite, remain calm, and get away from the snake.  Try to avoid exerting yourself as much as possible, sit down as soon as you’re away from the animal.  Call MGA Police or 911 immediately, and take whatever actions the operator tells you.