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Writers Group Founded By MGA Faculty Member Publishes Anthology

Dr. Shane Trayers with a copy of the anthology. Photo by Alexandria Brooks.

In 2009, shortly after taking a faculty position in the English department of what is now Middle Georgia State University, Dr. Shane Trayers founded the Macon Writers Group to create a community for writers living in the region.

“Before I moved here, I had a pretty supportive community of writers,” said Trayers, now an associate professor at MGA. “So, the group was founded out of a desire to find other writers to share the ups and downs of trying to get words on paper. Writing can be lonely, and it’s so great to be able meet up with other people and get feedback to help with revisions.”

Read more about Dr. Trayers’ work with the Macon Writers Group and their new publication, Discover Why I’ve Led You Here.