Zika Update and Flyers

Zika Virus: Summer Tips

As you travel this summer, please continue to research your destinations on the CDC’s Zika Travel Information webpage. This webpage is updated regularly and contains information for both local and international destinations.

For specific guidance on Zika transmission in the continental US, please see this webpage. Here you can find travel recommendations for specific areas, prevention tips, and guidelines for getting tested for Zika.

The EPA has also created a search tool to help you find the best insect repellant to fit your needs. This tool can be found here.

If you would like to post flyers in your work area or share information with your friends and family, then feel free to use the flyers below that were created by the Department of Public Health.



Print full version: Zika_Fact_Sheet_2




Print full version Zika_Kids_Fact_Sheet



Print full version: Zika_Men&Women_Specific



Print full version: Zika_TipnToss