MGA Advance Offers Professional Development Opportunities

MGA Advance

We are pleased to announce that we have received a generous donation from a committed donor which will allow us to provide opportunities for the development of faculty and staff.  We have named this program MGA Advance.  This program will provide individual-level development in particular areas of need and team-level development in intrateam and interteam environments. Each is described below.

Advancing Individual-Level Development

Using external and internal resources, MGA will identify and deliver training opportunities to help improve efficiency and effectiveness within the work environment. These training modules will be identified and developed as proposals are submitted. Areas of development will change over time, but the initial list will include areas such as: office efficiency, data management and analysis, collaborative work systems, personal improvement, and enhancing management effectiveness. If approval is given by a supervisor, training may be completed during work hours.

Advancing Team-Level Development

Additionally, teams of individuals may receive training or participate in problem-solving or planning and improvement activities together. These team-based advances are team training opportunities for groups of individuals across campus who need training to improve their work or work better together.  These team-based training opportunities must be focused on solving a problem or set of problems or learning about a specific area for improvement. Each advance must have deliverable and measurable outcomes. MGA Advance comes in two forms: Intrateam and Interteam.

Intrateam Advance:  An intrateam advance focuses on the development of a team of individuals who normally work together. An intrateam advance may include off-site training, bringing experts to campus to train a team in an area of need, meetings or retreats away from the office to work collaboratively to find solutions for long-standing problems, or teams that meet on or off-site training on how to work more effectively together. Proposals for an intrateam team advance are intended to come from a group of faculty and staff who normally work together (i.e. members of a department within a division, college, or school). Each proposal must include the agreement and support of the group’s supervisor or manager and the supervisor or manager must be a part of the intrateam advance.

Interteam Advance: An interteam advance focuses on connecting people across areas outside normal working relationships. Ideally, a group will include individuals who have a desire to improve MGA by acquiring a specific skill or learning to work together in new ways. Each interteam advance may include both faculty and staff who come from multiple areas of campus. For example an interteam advance may focus on: improving assessment practices across divisions, integrating advising practice with academic programming, improving facilities uses to enhance teaching and learning, or learning how faculty and staff can improve the financial health of students including learning how the financial aid system works and providing ideas about how we can work to reduce student indebtedness and student loan default rates. The interteam advance is intended to be cross functional and inclusive. It is recommended that each interteam advance include a mix of faculty, staff, and administration and have a clear description of what will be learned and how the interteam advance will move MGA forward in some way.

 Applications for funding are reviewed on a rolling basis. The application form is attached to this email and will also be placed with the other Human Resources forms on our webpage.  Once complete and all signatures secured, applications should be submitted to my attention in the Office of Human Resources.