Peyton Anderson Foundation – Historic Grant to Middle Georgia State University

Dear Colleagues:

I am delighted to share some important and extraordinarily good news.

This afternoon it has been formally announced that the Peyton Anderson Foundation is granting Middle Georgia State University one of the largest gifts in our history.  The Peyton Anderson Foundation has gifted $1.5M dollars to the University, payable over two years, to help fund the building of a new Enrollment Services Center to support enrollment across the University and to be located on our Macon campus.  This grant gift will cover approximately half the total cost of the facility, which is now moving into the final stages of design and location determination.

In the next twelve months our Advancement team will work to complete the funding of the Center.  This project has always been one that the USG indicated would require private funding, and today’s outstanding news brings us significantly closer toward realization of that goal and the vision to support enrollment at MGA for the people of middle Georgia.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating all our development staff who have worked hard to secure this gift, and to the trustees and leadership of the Peyton Anderson Foundation for their confidence and support of our students and our mission.

Thank you.