The Georgia Film Academy Goes Hybrid for Fall 2020

The Georgia Film Academy offers an 18-hour certificate in film production that is offered as an addition to undergraduate BA and BS programs at MGA and can be signed up online or through the Department of Media, Culture, and the Arts. Courses take place at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta.

The Georgia Film Academy offers this message about Fall 2020 coursework:

“For those of you who have registered for – or are interested in registering for – a Georgia Film Academy course during the Fall 2020 semester, the GFA will be offering a hybrid model of instruction for GFA 1000 and the Specialty Craft Production courses which will include safely offering in-person, hands-on experiential learning. 

 We are finalizing our roll out plans for the Post Production courses with our digital technology team. We will follow up soon with more information on these courses (GFA 2040, 3140 and 4040).  

 The semester will begin, as scheduled, the week of August 17th for all GFA classes. 

 GFA 1000 + Production Craft CoursesThe hybrid model of instruction will provide you with the ability to come to a GFA industry hub to receive hands-on film and television production instruction, while completing lectures, discussions and assignments virtually. 

 For safe and successful delivery of face-to-face instruction, your class will be divided into smaller groups with social distancing that will follow GFA’s safety and sanitation protocols, including requiring masks for all instructors, students and staff. You will report to your scheduled location on a rotating basis for the hands-on, face-to-face instruction. Your instructor will communicate to your class the dates each group will participate in the in-person learning. You will also receive a follow up email at least one week prior to the start of the semester with first-day instructions, including the safety and sanitation plan and how to access the online course shell for the virtual instruction.”

For questions about the Georgia Film Academy Certificate please contact the Dr. Sheree’ Keith,