Convocation 2020 – President’s Address: August 6 at 10:00AM

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Yesterday we returned to campus, bringing a successful but arduous spring and summer of remote teaching and teleworking to a conclusion, and initiating preparations for the start of a Fall semester and a new academic year that anticipates the return to campus for our students.

These past five months have been a harrowing and challenging time for us all.  I applaud and thank you for what you have done to navigate your professional roles and responsibilities in the worst pandemic in one hundred years.  My hope and prayer is for the safety of our students, faculty and staff in this Fall semester – and also for your loved ones and families.

On Thursday I shall address you via a Virtual Convocation.  I hope it is the one and only time we do this virtually.  But for now, a virtual gathering of our employees is the right choice.  Convocation is mandatory, and I ask you to set aside your Thursday to listen and watch the presentation and then convene with your division.  Your Vice President will send you separately details of your virtual Divisional meeting.  

On Thursday morning at 10:00AM, convocation can found online. It will include:

  • President’s Address
    • last year’s strategic plan updates and other accomplishments
    • the upcoming year’s fiscal situation and strategic plan priorities
  • Student speakers
  • Faculty and Staff awards
  • Years of Service acknowledgements

Despite this anxious time, I am really looking forward to seeing people return to our campuses.  Please remember our responsibility and obligation to practice COVID-19 safety precautions.  I send you good wishes for the start of this new Academic Year.

I look forward to addressing you on Thursday morning.

Be well,