Staffing Changes at the Warner Robins Campus

Ike Taylor, a longtime service expert at the Warner Robins Campus, has taken on additional duties in helping to advise students who are veterans. In addition to continuing duties with the Bursar’s Office, his new title is Customer Service Representative and Military Student Specialist. He can be reached at 478-929-6700 and can direct any veteran to the appropriate office if he cannot answer their questions. He can register students if needed, but academic advising for these students will go through their school advisor, which he can also help arrange. His work does not overlap with that of Gary Hart, whose military outreach is broader as a member of the Chief of Staff’s office. Ike is a veteran of the USAF.

Drew McIntosh, who previously worked at the bookstore and has been at the Warner Robins Campus for about a year, will take over the duties of Liz Douglas in the Office of Graduate Studies on an interim basis. Beginning Monday, September 28, he can be contacted in the Office of Graduate Studies at 478-929-6865 or at Drew is an undergraduate major in English with a spring 2021 graduation on the horizon.

Cheryl Sibert, who manages the front desk at the Warner Robins Campus and helps with accommodation testing, will transition to managing room scheduling at this campus. She can be reached at 478-929-6700. Cheryl is in her fourth decade of service to the institution, having worked at other instructional locations at RAFB and previous locations of the WRC.