Make Your Voice Heard – Vote!

The right to vote is the foundation of any democracy. You have received reminders with information regarding voting and volunteer opportunities.  It is our hope that everyone plans to vote. MGA has recent strong voter participation – awarded a Bronze Seal by the ALL IN Challenge in 2016 and a Gold Seal in 2018 for our high voter turnout rates. We have also been recognized as one of Washington Monthly’s 157 “Best Colleges for Student Voting.” Here is some information to help ensure your voice is heard in the election:

  • Find your voting info – For Georgia residents, check your voter registration status, view your sample ballot, find info on absentee ballots, or find your election day polling location at the Georgia Secretary of State’s My Voter Page. – If you live or are registered to vote in another state, you can find voting information online at
  • Vote on election day, Tuesday, November 3rd – Polls in Georgia are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST. If you are in line at 7 p.m., as long as you stay in line you are able to vote. On election day, you can only vote at your designated precinct location, which is printed on your voter registration card or can be found at My Voter Page
  • Bring an acceptable form of photo ID – When going to the polls, you will need to bring an acceptable form of photo identification. A Middle Georgia State University ID card is one of the acceptable forms of ID, as is a Georgia driver’s license, U.S. passport, military ID, or government employee ID. The full list of valid IDs can be found online.
  • Check out more voting information for the MGA community or take a voting pledge –Dr. Chris Lawrence, associate professor, shares ALL In voting information on Twitter  and Facebook.
  • Employees may be eligible for leave on election day as well as early voting – Per the USG policy on voting leave, employees of the University System are encouraged to exercise their constitutional right to vote in all federal, state, and local elections. If election polls are not open at least two (2) hours before or two (2) hours after an employee’s normally scheduled work shift, sufficient leave time must be granted to permit the employee to vote. In this instance, an institution should grant the employee a two (2) hour block of time in which to vote, if needed. Time off under this provision is with pay. 

Remember: MGA’s Arts Building on the Macon campus serves as a polling precinct for voters assigned to this precinct on Election Day.  Our facilities and campus safety team have done a fantastic job of prepping the campus by assisting with logistics for our extra visitors tomorrow.  We are ready and look forward to hosting these citizens as they exercise their right to vote.