Required TSA Training

The Federal Transportation Security Agency (TSA) requires that all employees including those of other agencies or institutions who work at or visit the aviation campus in Eastman take mandated TSA Training.  The training is required annually in the same month each year.  A TSA Inspector will report after the first of the year to ensure those previously stated have received the required training for audit purposes.  The annual training month is November.  If there is a new hire that by definition is required to take the TSA training and who begins employment after November, they will be required to take the training immediately and then again in November.

Any employee who visits or plans to visit the aviation campus at least once a quarter will be required to take the training.

Click here to get to the training site.

If you meet the above criteria please make sure you complete the training prior to the last day of November.  It takes about 40 minutes or so to complete. Again, this is a requirement by TSA and access to the aviation campus is dependent on your completing the training. Faculty, staff, and students are required to wear official identification badges while on premise at the aviation campus that will correspond with records that annual training course has been taken.  Those who do not have up to date training will not be allowed on the premise without a visitor’s pass and authorized escort. Remember, you are only required to take the course if you will have a presence at any time at the Eastman aviation campus of Middle Georgia State University. Otherwise, you may disregard this mandate.

Once you have completed the training please type your name on the Certificate of Completion, print the certificate, sign on the bottom right-hand line and put your 983 number (Faculty or Staff ID Number) on the bottom left-hand line. Send the completed certificate to Julie Holloway through campus mail (Eastman Campus) or scan and send it to