Communicating Upcoming Hours/Availability

As we close out what has been a difficult year, we are working during a period of heightened frustration, tension and anxiety. Our office asks for your help in communicating during remote work, leave, and the much-deserved holiday break. Our team is working on updates regarding on-campus operations and our holiday closure across the MGA website, Google listings and our social media accounts. Clear communication of hours and availability helps set our students’ and colleagues’ expectations and may help prevent a minor issue from escalating or reaching into other areas. Below are a few reminders on how you and your offices can assist with that communication; the links and examples are offered in the spirit of being one less thing for you to think about:

  • Check individual and department voicemail messages frequently when working remotely – Instructions here, choose the “Telephone” tab for instructions to check voicemail remotely.
  • Change voicemail greetings during long breaks – Instructions here, choose the “Telephone” tab for instructions to change your greeting remotely.
  • Use an out-of-office reply for email when taking personal leave or when we are closed over the holiday break – instructions here
    • Include in your reply the date you will return or the office will re-open.
    • If taking individual leave outside of the holiday break, consider providing an alternate name/contact info of someone on your team that will be available during the time the University is open.
    • When the university is closed, please have your individual AND any departmental email accounts include an out-of-office reply stating that the university is closed and date of return. Here are some examples of greetings/messages:
      • For individuals taking leave + university closing: Happy Holidays! Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office and will return on Mon., 1/4/2021. If you need immediate assistance through 12/23, please contact <>. Beginning 12/24, the university will be closed until 1/4, and I will get back to you once I return.
      • For individuals during university closing: Thank you for your message. The university is closed for the holidays beginning 12/24 and will reopen on Monday, 1/4/2021. I look forward to responding to your email once I return. Happy Holidays!
      • For university department email during university closing: The university is closed beginning 12/24 and will reopen on Monday, 1/4/2021. We’ll be sure to reply to your email as soon as we are back in the office. We wish you a safe and joyous holiday!

On behalf of the MarComm team, please know that we are grateful for the effort you put forth this year in communicating to our MGA community during a time of crisis and disruption. I am sure you will gladly join us in bidding farewell to 2020. Here’s hoping that 2021 is a better year for all!

Happy Holidays