MGA Food Truck – New Location Alert

New Location Alert!


The #MGA Food Truck has added another location on the Macon Campus to its travel rotation: the area by the Jones Building that faces the lake, next to the coffee shop. During the week of March 22, your meals on wheels will be at that location from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. The MGA Food Truck is the perfect dining addition to bring students, faculty and the community together. The link to the information is available at

Visit mga.campus-dining or scan the code to view menus.


New Schedule:

March 15-16 @ Eastman

  • Parked in front of Eastman’s Main Building

March 17-18 @ Cochran

  • Parked on College St., near Haynes Hall

Week of March 22 @ Macon

  • Monday & Tuesday: Parked between the Student Life Center and Teacher Education Building
  • Wednesday & Thursday: Parked at Jones Conference Center (PSC), near Café Diem

Meal plan meal exchange, credit cards, and dining dollars are accepted at this location