Governor Kemp’s Executive Order related to COVID-19 Vaccination

On March 31, 2021, Governor Kemp signed Executive Order which allows state agency employees to get a COVID vaccine without using sick leave or annual (vacation) leave.  All USG employees (excluding temporary employees) may use Non-Closure Emergency Leave for the purpose of COVID-19 vaccinations in the following manner:

  1.  Available Leave
  2. An employee may take up to a total of eight (8) hours of Non-Closure Emergency Leave for the purpose of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.  Whether an individual receives one vaccine shot or two vaccine shots, the total number of hours cannot exceed eight hours.  This time away is intended to cover a reasonable amount of time necessary to receive the vaccination.
  3. An employee may also take up to an additional sixteen (16) hours of Non-Closure Emergency Leave if he or she receives a COVID-19 vaccine and experiences severe negative side effects that prohibit him or her from performing their duties of employment.
  4. Please keep in mind that we work 9-hour days, so once the Non-Closure Emergency Leave has been exhausted, you will be required to use sick leave or vacation time for the remainder of your absence.
  1. Processes and Procedures
  2. An employee who uses Non-Emergency Closure Leave must provide proof of vaccination to the employee’s supervisor.
  3. An employee who uses such leave must request the leave through their supervisor.
  4. Leave will be entered and documented in the payroll system by supervisors.  Please note that the employee does not “request an absence” but rather supervisors are to add the Non-Closure Emergency Leave directly to the timesheet.  The leave codes are:

00NHP – Non-Closure Emergency Hourly (Bi-weekly) Paid

00NSP – Non-Closure Emergency Salary (Monthly) Paid

  1. This temporary Non-Closure Emergency Leave policy for COVID-19 vaccination is effective as of March 31, 2021 and will expire at the conclusion of the Public Health State of Emergency declared in the Governor’s Executive Order. Use of this leave is not retroactive for absences before March 31, 2021 or after the Public Health State of Emergency ends.

Please contact Vicky Smith with any questions.