Annual Staff Awards Nominations – Deadline June 17

The Professional Development and Staff Recognition Committee of the Staff Council is seeking nominations for the Annual Staff Awards. Nominations are being accepted until June 17, 2021

There are the three awards presented by the Staff Council:

  • Service Excellence Award – For a staff member who has made exceptional contributions, exceeding normal expectations, to deliver superior service to members of the campus community and/or the community at large. Think “exceptional customer service.”
  • Unsung Hero Award – For a staff member who works behind the scenes, and yet continues to go above and beyond the call of duty to improve the MGA experience for students, coworkers, faculty and/or staff. Think “behind-the-scenes.”
  • Champion Award – For a staff member who has exemplified MGA’s core values of Stewardship, Engagement, Adaptability, and Learning. Think “exemplifies MGA’s core values.”

The winners of these awards will be announced at the Fall Convocation in August.

Eligibility: All regular full time MGA staff members are eligible for consideration. Previous award recipients are not eligible until five years after receiving the award. Any University employee can be nominated for all three awards. Nominations will not be accepted for individuals who are involved in the selection process.

  • The staff member may be nominated more than once, but not by the same person in the same year.
  • The staff member may be nominated for more than one award.
  • Deans, Provosts, Assistant/Associate Vice Presidents, Cabinet, and Staff Council members are not eligible for selection as outstanding staff.

For more information on the nomination process and selection criteria, please click on the link below.

Nomination Example: Underneath is an actual previous nomination that was submitted for the Champion award. The attached nomination provides an example of a simple format that can be used to write one; as well, the wording is down to earth and confirms why the person nominated was deserving of the prestigious Champion award.



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Name of staff member

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Recommended Award:

Champion Award – For a staff member who has exemplified MGA’s core values of Stewardship, Engagement, Adaptability, and Learning. Please feel free to move this nomination to another category if a different award is better suited.

Justification Statement:

Name of staff member____________ is nothing short of a blessing to the students of MGA, specifically the Cochran campus where her office is located. Time and time again, I have witnessed her exemplifying the core values of this institution not for show or recognition, but because she truly cares for everyone!  I have witnessed her sharing bits of her upbringing as she strives to engage on a more personal level with her students. She purposely seeks to demonstrate to a primarily African American campus how a middle-aged Caucasian female raised in various fosters homes can use authentic passion, a love for learning, and a responsible stewardship to obtain the desired degree and career. She often tells the students, “If I can make it anyone can” and takes no excuses for why “Greatness” should not be desired.

I have observed student testimonies of how she is listening to their concerns fully – even when they haven’t made an appointment; then works to resolve their issue(s) no matter how long it takes.  I saw students describe how she kept them in school by offering constructive feedback without judgement and embedding in their mind that they can “adapt and learn.”  After nearly four years of working for the university, I have had the privilege of working collaboratively with her and God knows she will send 10 emails in one week ensuring every student’s need is discussed and every possible issue is addressed – she absolutely practices “Greatness” and strives for a high standard of programming for our students. I would be remiss if I didn’t add that without being overbearing, she will also connect with students by professing her belief in Christ and I have witnessed those conversations become powerful moments of motivation for the students. 

In short, she engages professionally, but also personally (as a supporter of higher learning).  She adapts to the student with whom she is working with removing typical barriers of title, rank, age, and race.  I appreciate knowing that she is well-received and would like to think the university values her like-minded commitment.  Having no doubt that she is in the limited number of staff who exemplifies the MGA core values in such a huge manner, it gives me great joy to recommend (name of staff) for this award.

Respectfully Submitted,

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Pay It Forward: If you are a past recipient of a Staff Award please take the time to pay it forward by nominating a much deserving colleague or colleagues for an award. We have quite a few staff members who are more than qualified to receive at least one of our awards, so please take the time to nominate them and hopefully they will receive the recognition they deserve! And sometimes just being nominated can be an award in and of itself; yes, nominees are notified when they have been nominated!

Thank you,

Terri Reckart

Chair, Staff Council