Weather-Related Knight Alerts Go Automated

Sleep.  It’s something we all enjoy, and something none of us get enough of.  And when severe weather hits, the team of MGA professionals who issue Knight Alerts is happy to sacrifice as much sleep as they need to in order to make sure that our students and employees remain aware of the ongoing threat.  After all, the sooner you’re aware of an incoming storm, the more time you have to get yourself to safety – and if there’s one thing more important than sleep, it’s safety.

This Fall, we’re using some new tools to make sure you have even more warning when a storm is on its way – weather-related Knight Alerts will soon be automated, making sure that you’re alerted as soon as the National Weather Service issues a warning.

This shouldn’t change the number of Knight Alerts you receive – we’ll still only alert you in the event of a tornado warning or other significant weather event.  We won’t alert in the event of a watch or for most severe thunderstorms – only when there’s a genuine, life-threatening storm heading towards one of our campuses.  We also won’t alert for overnight storms near our Dublin and Warner Robins campuses, since those two campuses don’t have students or employees present after hours.

Of course, as we bring this new technology online, we ask that you remain patient with us.  If you find yourself getting more alerts than you should, or if you’re getting alerts that don’t apply to you (note: all employees receive all Knight Alerts, regardless of your campus), please send an email to to let us know, and we’ll take a look at our settings to make sure everyone’s getting the information they need.

Faster alerts automatically – that’s something to help everyone sleep a little easier.