As part of our Mental Health Initiative and through the USG mini-grants, we created the Knights Care Kit. 

Knights Care Kits provide resources and guidance to assist students struggling with mental health issues as they navigate the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the pressures of college. Knights Care Kits reinforce the message that there are things students can do, people they can talk to, and resources available to help. When emotionally distressed, it can be hard to be able to think of coping skills and other support methods to use and access in those moments. The Knights Care Kit is a helpful tool as it will provide something tangible that a student can refer to as needed. Many faculty and staff, including campus police, talk with students who are anxious and distressed. Many faculty and staff share resources and contacts with the students but wish they had something more tangible to give to students to refer to later, to have for future issues, and to show we care about them.

Knights Care Kits have been delivered to all 5 campuses.    If you need one, check with the administrative assistant or advisor in your building, student life  or residence life staff, or other campus/building leaders to see who may have one in your building or on your campus.  Email, if you need to know where to get one near you.   An electronic version will be available on the BeWell@MGA page soon.

Please give one to a student when you feel this material will help that student. 

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