Tuition Assistance: Why You Should Take Advantage of This Employee Benefit

Each week employees at Middle Georgia State help advance our mission of graduating lifelong learners. As you live the ethos of our mission, you may have a personal desire to continue your own lifelong learning. Middle Georgia State University hopes you will consider joining us as a student – whether you’re looking to complete a degree, pursue a graduate credential, or study a new field that interests you.

The USG’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is one of the most valuable ways to pay for your education and is available to full-time, benefits-eligible employees who have completed six months of employment. Some of the benefits of becoming a student include:


  1. 100% Coverage of Tuition and Most Fees – for eligible programs (with availability) at MGA and throughout the other 25 institutions in the University System of Georgia.
  2. Flexibility – With a wide range of programs now online, you are better able to structure weekly assignments around your other weekly demands. 
  3. Student Discounts – Many retailers and streaming services offer attractive student discounts.
  4. New Credential – provides an opportunity for your career to reach new heights


With the November 15 application deadline for Spring 2022 approaching, consider taking that next step. MGA offers many options for you to advance your education and find your greatness. Our list of graduate programs continues to grow, with new degrees being added in Information Technology (Doctor of Science in IT) and Public Relations (Master of Arts in PR) in January 2022.  And remember – during the month of November, application fees are waived for MGA applicants!

To find out more about the details of continuing your education with TAP, visit the USG’s TAP page and check out the answers to some frequently-asked questions.  If you have questions about TAP at MGA, contact Tonya Johnson, TAP Coordinator, at