Public Safety Update: New Safety Timers, Emergency Calls

A brief update from MGA Public Safety – New “Safety Timer” feature launched in Guardian App, and a reminder of who to call in an emergency

Guardian Safety Timers

This new feature of the Guardian app provides MGA students and employees with a “virtual escort” – a special timer that will automatically notify either MGA Police or designated friends and family after a set time has passed.

Whenever you are going to be in a situation where you need some extra assurance that you’ll arrive or return safely – walking alone at night, returning home after a long day, etc. – you can set a Safety Timer for your expected time of travel. If you haven’t checked in when the timer expires, the people you select will be alerted and will know to check in with you. 

There are two types of Safety Timer:

  • Friends and Family Timer: If the timer expires before you check in, the people that you select from your contact list will be notified that you have not arrived as expected and can reach out to you or to the authorities.
  • Official Timer: If the timer expires before you check in, MGA Police will be notified and will reach out to you. If you don’t respond, officers will be dispatched to your location automatically.

Click here to find out how to use the new Safety Timers.

In case of an emergency

As a reminder, whenever there is an emergency on campus:
  • Call MGA Police at 478-471-2414 and inform them of the situation.  If medical, fire, or other outside help is needed, they will contact 911 and dispatch an officer to your location to assist. Or –
  • Call 911, then notify MGA Police at 478-471-2414.  This will allow campus police to direct first-responders to your location and provide any immediate assistance possible. Or –
  • Use the “On-Campus Emergency” button in the Guardian app to alert MGA Police.
In the event of a medical emergency, do not attempt to contact the MGA Health Clinic – call MGA Police or 911. The Health Clinic is not an emergency center and does not have the resources to handle medical emergencies.