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Meal plan promo for spring 2022.

Faculty/Staff or Commuter meal plans allows a meal swipe to be used at any retail dining location on MGA campuses for a pre-defined meal combo. This includes Papa Johns, Subway, and Starbucks at Café Diem and Roberts Café, in addition to the dining halls. Meal plans eliminate the need to exchange cash and use debit/credit cards and make dining more convenient for meal plan holders by being able to swipe with the MGA Knight card. For more information and campus dining updates, visit our website: mga.campus-dining.com.

To add a faculty/staff or commuter plan visit: https://www.mga.edu/card/commuter-meal-plan.php

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If purchasing a meal plan at the Bursars Office, incentive cards will be distributed at the time of purchase (Macon and Cochran). If purchasing a meal plan online, please pick up the incentive card at the Aladdin marketing office on the first floor of Macon SLC by the game room. If on the Cochran campus, please email erica.jackson@aladdinfood.com and she will set up a time to deliver your incentive card.

2022-2023 Dining Guide. 

MGA dining hours of operation poster.