The below email was sent to all MGA students on January 6, 2022.

Hello, Knights!

Next week is the start of Spring Semester, and we find ourselves returning to campus as the latest COVID variant, Omicron, is causing an increase in positive cases. We should expect that our MGA community will experience a spike in positive cases as well, but there are actions each of us can take to lessen the impact of this current surge.

With nearly two years of living with this pandemic, we know the precautions to take to help keep ourselves and our fellow Knights healthy while we continue in-person courses. We’ve seen these work during other surges:

  • Monitor your symptoms closely – Omicron is reported to have milder symptoms that seem like a cold or sinus infection. If you have these symptoms, go get tested and keep yourself away from others.
  • Self-Report changes to your health – ***IMPORTANT*** If you are sick, test positive, are presumed positive, or have had close contact with someone who tests positive, complete this quick form. This allows someone at the university to contact you to better understand your situation and advise you on your next steps here at MGA.
  • Check out the latest requirements for quarantine and isolation – These changes were just updated over the holiday break!
  • Wear a face covering when inside classrooms or MGA buildings (strongly encouraged) – Everyone is strongly encouraged to continue to Armor Up. If you forget to bring one, additional face coverings can be found around campus and in classrooms.
  • Get vaccinated or boosted – Break-through cases can occur, but the data continues to support that the risk of severe illness is significantly lower among those who have been fully vaccinated/boosted.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for your continued efforts, and let’s keep working together to keep one another safe.

Have a great spring semester,

Dr. Jennifer Brannon
Vice President for Student Affairs