MGA Foundation Scholarships – Apply by July 13

The MGA Foundation has reopened the scholarship portal and is accepting applications for scholarships for the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 academic year. Students may either finish a previously started application or submit one for the first time. The portal is set to close again on July 13.   

Any student who has already completed an application does not need to resubmit an application. Those applications will remain in the system and they will be considered for awards in the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 year as funding becomes available. If you are awarded a scholarship you will be notified by email, so monitor your MGA email account closely!

To date, more than 170 scholarship award notices have been emailed to students who have been awarded a scholarship in the upcoming academic year. Scholarship recipients must accept the award and complete a post-acceptance questionnaire before the scholarship can be awarded and credited to your MGA account.

For information about the portal and guidelines for applications, please visit the Scholarship FAQs page here. If you have additional questions, contact Julie Davis at